Can Logic Lose Relevance?

tumblr_ocjj2tSHrQ1rbam90o1_500The other day, I got into a super random debate in the comments section of an Instagram video. Yeah…the devil tried it during my lurking session. I won’t say what the topic of the video was, but I will say one thing that was said in response to me spitting that knowledge…”your logic is outdated“…Yeah. Logic and outdated were used in the same. exact. sentence. No “lol”, no silly face emoji, nothing… Now, with this Capricorn full moon energy already in the air and my Capricorn rising being all apart of me and whatnot…I wanted to drag this person until they questioned their entire purpose here on earth, but I didn’t. Because social media is filled with loads of trolls that thrive off your attention so I walked away…(a.k.a closed my app).

However, this “outdated logic” statement kind of stuck to me and I couldn’t help but think, can logic really ever be outdated? I mean, if it’s truly logical, wouldn’t it always be relevant in some way, shape, or form…forever?

The truth is something that cannot be changed. If it can be changed, it was never the truth to begin with.

For example, just because quantum physics, in it’s most intimidating and mind-blowing form, isn’t used in YOUR every day perceptive layout, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in the layout as a whole. It may seem like a non-factor in your life because you choose not to acknowledge it’s presence, however, without it’s presence at all, some things in your life would not be present.



tumblr_oic7h6p4dQ1r83d7lo1_500Just because you don’t have to do long division when you use a calculator, doesn’t mean long-division has no value in today’s society. Without long division ever holding any truth in it’s accuracy in providing us with the answer to a division problem, how would we know the calculator was giving the correct answer to even put it on the market as a valid mathematical tool? Heck, without long division, there wouldn’t even be a division symbol on the modern day calculator to begin with! I’d say that’s pretty relevant and worth looking into if you’re really into math like that…

That’s how you DISCOVER. By looking at the root of it all. The root of it all is what keeps everything alive even when the new leaves, flowers and fruit get all the attention. When you love something or even someone, you take the time to discover it’s history, where it came from and how all that formed what you have in this moment….the logic behind the madness is just as important as the logic right before your eyes…for, if the logic behind the madness were to be ANY other way than the way it TRULY is, things would be a helluva lot different now.

tumblr_n9oyy4sBdv1rl537no1_500You can’t just decide that logic is outdated all because it doesn’t fit into your level of understanding yet…it kind of just is what it is. Either you’ll take the whole truth, or none at all. That doesn’t kill the truth all together.

Just sayin’.

Logic is immortal.

Intuition is the handle to the knife made up of the sharpest logical blade.






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