Full Moon in CAPRICORN. July 2017 – Stable Intuitive Balance.

tumblr_nziogyx4uy1ujcvduo1_500.gifOn July 9th, 2017 the full moon becomes completely marinated in the earthy sign of Capricorn. Ah… Capricorn…such a chill sign, right? Yeah, until you realize how condescending and over-rational they are. But let’s not ignore the fact that they’re typically all about traditional family values while undoubtedly staying focused on that MU-LAH. Capricorns are hard workers and will get completely lost in their work, much like Virgo when their not lost in their heads and Taurus when they’re not lost in their meals.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and has an energy that brings much needed structure to this, sometimes, reckless world. Though this structure and rationalization may seem like a buzz kill to some, a little order and boundary can prevent a multitude pf setbacks! Let’s be honest, we all want freedom, but when you let yourself fly around too aimlessly, you’ll only find yourself all worn out with nothing of true value to show for it.

This full moon is sure to aide in manifestations involving finance and creative projects in general.

tumblr_oqa2wfJUcR1r7ahobo1_500.jpgWith it still being Cancer season…this water energy, which is actually the exact opposite of Capricorn, is sure to balance out our emotional needs with our more logical ventures. Capricorn and Cancer are both highly protective signs that together can provide the nurturing energy of a mother and the security of a father. With this kind of guidance that comes with the merging of the masculine and feminine energies within us, growth is virtually inevitable when the right intentions are set.

Meditation, of course, would be of great value, even more so done in an herbal or spiritual bath setting as the water of the bath will go well with the earthiness of your body.

This energy will permeate for approx. the next 2 weeks, so use this time to make your game-plan and follow it with confidence. Get “confidently lost” in your goals and watch them grow beautifully with love as their foundation.



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