“I’m the only drug you need, to get you through it…”

I’m the only one you need

to help you choose it


in the end,

is the beginning

of a world you never thought

you could breathe in

Open your lungs to my breath

as I speak these words

All clear

it’s fresh

no pollution…

Now to answer your question

there is a solution

There’s more to life

than your doubtful delusions

There’s more to me

than all the confusion

There’s more to love

than the illusion

of thinking you’re alone

That’s just what you’re choosin’…

to see

to think

to speak

So just stop for a second

and listen to me

Feel my energy

Let the vibration on my love

rattle the blood through your veins

as you come face to face with your fears

In that pain,

I’ll still remain…

I’m not your rib

or your back bone

I’m the rhythm behind

your hearts song

Just listen…

and dance along.



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