First Quarter Moon: Libra.

tumblr_ng0f6vfDx11rx3rlbo1_500This first quarter moon is upon us! I would say, what a way to end the month, as the moon entered 9 degrees in Libra on June 30, 2017, however…first quarter moons are far from endings.

First quarter moons happen about a week after the new moon. This years new moon was in Cancer, at the same exact time the Sun entered Cancer just days prior! This brought a very strong energy that abruptly pulled us within ourselves and promoted vulnerability to our true selves. This either hurt or helped many of us in our conquests of self-realization, but regardless of how this time was taken in…the first quarter moon will surely begin to manifest any intentions that were planted into the universe. This is why it was so important to be as honest and accepting with yourself as possible, because choosing denial is like choosing a superman costume over a well tailored suit just moments before a serious business meeting. The mask needed to come off in order to put your best foot forward, regardless of how much you think you’re more appealing as a fictional character. tumblr_o41fr4yLKN1v7o7pro1_400

Now, don’t freak out if you didn’t keep it real yourself during the new moon, as this first quarter moon in Libra is all about justice. Libra is a very understanding and compromising sign. It’s all about keeping the peace and finding the balance in the chaos. So, meditation would be of benefit to adjust any energies for the greater good. The effects may not be as strong as they would be had you just taken the truth like a G when you were supposed to, but there’s never really a “wrong” time to accept the truth…

Artwork by LordofMasks

With the moon in Libra, the ability to understand yourself as well as others is borderline profound. This energy mixed with the first quarter moon will likely bring some change in relationships of any kind. Again, the sun is still in Cancer until July 22, so honesty with self is a virtue. When you’re honest with yourself about what it is you truly need, you’re able to make wise and beneficial decisions about what you will and will not accept from those around you. Libra in general is an air sign that loves floating around, socializing, especially with those who appeal to their senses. Libra is also quite a co-dependent sign that values partnerships over everything…literally, everything. Therefore, avoid just going with the flow in order to keep a good standing with those around you. Use this Cancer sun energy to find the balance between pleasing those around you, while still holding firm in your own truth.

This time will be great for any forms of communication involving business, finance and any aesthetic ventures in your life or to come.

As Libra is ruled by Venus, love is inevitably in the air. So though the realization of self remains a focus, stirring up good energy with those you care about will bring beautiful unions.

tumblr_nilaqau6ZC1t15eldo1_500These next few days are all about action. Not fire sign action, but intuitive and rational movements. Create harmony all-around and you never know what will be left ashore once this wave subsides…



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