[New Moon in CANCER] Release is to Achieve as Feel is to Breathe.

Considering that it is now the 25th, I am ever so sorry that this post is just now being posted. (Still getting used to the fact that I actually need a planner now, that I kind of still forget to use it.) However, energy is fluid and the aftermath that comes with…well, everything in life, will linger on for some time after the initial happening.

tumblr_op2vrrzwb51ucvzzwo1_500With that disclaimer out of the way, (i.e. my sincere apology) on the 23rd of June 2017, or a couple of days ago, depending on when you decided to care enough to read this extremely intriguing astrological update, the moon entered 2 degrees in Cancer. However, this isn’t just any old moon transition, the new moon has an energy that pulls us inside of ourselves as a way to show us who we really are. Are you who you think you are? Or are you just really good at painting a mask to fool others into thinking you are who you think you should be? Well, if you cringed at the second statement, your intuition may have chosen that as your answer. Cancer is a feminine sign, ruled by the moon with emotions that can stir up an entire ocean body…so any self-reflections seen at this time may hurt you. Unfortunately, the truth can, in fact, HURT… but it’s what you need, so it’s okay. Tough love.

Looking within can be scary or it can be a beautiful eureka moment…it all depends on how you perceive it. Never hate who you are, no matter what level you’re on right now. Take what you see and work on making a plan to improve and use your weaknesses to your advantage (kind of like “self-manipulation”…and Cancer’s know a thing or two about manipulation).

tumblr_olyc30TfJR1th244jo1_500The tides are at their highest during this time, according to the Concise Encyclopedia of the Universe. Therefore, this moon energy will surely provide transformation, which is nothing new as full moons bring, basically, the same thing, but with this moon being new AND in Cancer…oh, you better use it to let go of what was and listen to your gut and enjoy what is to be happy with your “what will be”. If you choose to lie to yourself and deny the fact that your soul needs some TLC (and trust me, it will always need TLC)…then you’re only letting yourself down and prolonging the agony of your evolutionary standstill.

tumblr_naom7vXt2m1rzu57mo1_500Cancer’s FEEL more than any sign in the entire zodiac…(and I’m not talking physically, that would be Scorpio in general, a Taurus caressing their couch and a male with a moon in Libra). Cancer’s feel internally…very, very, deeply. This is why they are the crabs. They put on their hard shell and snap at you with their pinchers, also experienced as their harsh, yet honest, words, to protect their own mushy insides from what ever it is the world may throw at them. So, tuning into your heart can either manifest greatness or suffering. After all, the key to truly manifesting anything in your life is to feel it, even more than it is to speak or think it. Though the mind is powerful…there’s something about a heart’s beat that can rattle all possibilities into a particular direction (MAYBE that’s why we draw a heart when symbolizing love, which is the most powerful force in the Universe, instead of a brain…but I digress). Try your best, especially at this time, to focus on truly feeling the change you wish to see, both personally and with any aspect of your life…but really focusing on personally.

tumblr_or4t90CHKa1r4pkz0o1_500Now, don’t feel too much that you fail to think at all, as we all need a little rationality to properly analyze and prioritize our needs over our wants, just put an emphasis on your feels when it’s all said and done, that’s all.

Enjoy this Cancerian New Moon without fear of any inner darkness and ACCEPT change…embrace what’s to come and let your intuition guide you.

Oh, and meditate.




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