Doubt: Can You Handle Your Truth?

tumblr_n9rs64x93L1r5pk02o1_500There I was. After a long day at my day job, wondering “Why do I even write, when no one really seems to want to read?” Heck…I barely even want to read unless it’s something I’m just completely pulled toward. Why do I put so much time and energy into sharing all these blogs, to a bunch of people who probably won’t even remember the name of the website itself?

(Yeah, -ish can get pretty pessimistic ’round here.)

Then I did what inspired me to start sharing my writing on a blog in the first place…I googled my “question” in hopes of finding someone going through a similar phase of doubt and of course, I did… On this website, an article titled, “How to Keep Writing When No One is Reading” by Joe Bunting popped up. There’s one particular phrase that was present that read, “If writing is solely about being published, you’ll stop writing.” This instantly humbled me. Intention is nearly everything in this life. My intentions had slightly shifted to be more “I need to promote my writing to be recognized” as opposed to the initial intent of “I need to promote my writing to give healing insight and potentially change/save lives!“.


Image by: Ashli


It has been said that, “When you love to do something, you wouldn’t do it for money“. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make a career out of it if those doors open for you, you just should love doing it so much that even if you never got paid for it (via currency or praise), you’d still do it. Those moments of doubt, are nothing more than wake up calls telling you that you need to check yourself! …or like a wise man once said, “Sit down, BE HUMBLE“.

Do you feel like you’re doing what you love to your best abilities in each moment, regardless of if that love is being reflected back to you, in abundance, externally or not?

tumblr_ne8ktliKD01qckequo1_500Everything you do should be done as completely as it can be right then. Not half done. Because when it’s half done, it is only half loved, and would you really wanna be involved with someone who gives you HALF of their love, be it out of fear, pride, expectation, etc? NO! and if you do, you might wanna reevaluate your self-respect…but I digress.

Stop doubting and just keep doing. If you find yourself realizing that what you’re doing isn’t worth it, then maybe you don’t really love it enough…or maybe you don’t know that you actually love it, because you haven’t accepted the truth of what love is to know what it feels like. Either way, love never dies and at some point, as long as you care to seek love in some way, shape or form, you will find it and it will always gravitate toward/ back to you, no matter what…now, accepting it, is entirely up to you and the love you have for yourself (this is where that self-respect evaluation needs to be done…like yesterday.)

tumblr_nzf79v0lMM1raievko1_500It’s called DESTINY, folks! Stop doubting yourself, tell your ego to go kill itself and just do what you do best…YOU!

Never give up. Your passion(s) are worthy of your time, energy & love. Give them the best life you can and they will give it back to you when you and that life are, simultaneously, ready.




Featured image by: Anna

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  1. Yes! My belief is that purpose lies in 3 concepts: FOR a purpose, IN purpose, and ON purpose. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raven Young says:

      Love that!! Thank you!


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