In God, We Love.

I used to say that God is in me…but then I thought…is it me, that is in God?

tumblr_obfulvrwRE1sdsv87o1_500.gifWhen we live with God, we live our truth. We listen to the words of God (love) and that sparks a never ending cycle of discovering and creating. In love, we are capable of achieving the unimaginable and beyond. The secret is to believe. Don’t stop believing in love…when you lose hope in love, you lose hope in life itself. You are officially out of what could be Heaven on earth…and enter Hell, a place where love does not exist.

Rise in love…and you’ll find yourself closer and closer to those pearly gates and I’m not talking about finding the key to get in when you’ve stopped breathing…I’m talking floating over those gates with the air from the breathe of life you’ve been given. I tell anyone who doubts love to just look around …heck, just look at YOU. The real you. That is God, that is love. Seek God every day, in everything and everyone and God will continue to seek you.

…and then it dawned on me…to be in love, you first have to let it be in you.

I am simply in love…with love.



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