Never let the fear of being judged, stop you from being your truest and most recent, you.

tumblr_o4i7uycRfs1sok1vwo1_400.gifThe less you tell, the more room there is for assumption. However, the more you tell, the more room there still is for assumption. As long as you know who you are and believe in your SELF…the more that energy will be put out into your world. The second you feel you have to prove something to anyone, the more you lose yourself by giving in to their wants. Just be. Your past does not define you, and anyone who chooses to refer to it as a definition should probably be placed in that time frame and kept there. It’s all about who believes in you NOW. Who can FEEL the energy stirring through your body almost as much as you can…they get it. Those are the one’s who see you, eye to eye…those are the one’s who are on your level. Don’t lower yourself in attempt to make others understand where you’re coming from. They just aren’t capable yet, and some may never be. You’ll only end up staying there…with them, trying to prove you have a life worth respect instead of actually just living it and respecting yourself. Day by day.

You owe them NOTHING. Those who need more from you even though you’re simply giving them what you have to offer right now, probably don’t deserve you as they have nothing to even offer themselves.  And of course those who accept your light at the level that it’s at in this very moment…deserve the nourishment of the light you will forever, in continuous abundance, shine. Those are YOUR people. That’s LOVE.

The more you know…the more you’ll simply live and inevitably show the clues to those that need them simply because …they are clue-less.




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