A Sense of Gemini: The Intriguing Contradiction of Duality.

Anyone who’s known me long/well enough to discover my love for Tupac Shakur, knows that it’s real. However, his Gemini sun…was shone BRIGHT. You know, Gemini’s aren’t considered one of the craziest signs in the zodiac for nothing! Gemini’s are infamously known for their split faces, like twins…seemingly, one shell, but with two minds that though are different, somehow beautifully compliment each other. This, however, creates conflict! Both inner & outer.

tumblr_nq9e1pdLeI1u7osejo1_250.gifSince Tupac’s birthday is today (June 16), he will be used as the example reference of the general Gemini energy. With hit songs like Keep Your Head Up and Gangsta Party, it’s no secret that his messages come from the core. Opposite ends of the core…but the core nonetheless. The funny thing is, he see’s nothing confusing about the way with which he chooses to express himself at any given moment. Because well…he’s usually, technically, right about whatever it is he’s talking about, and truly believes that he is, regardless of popular opinion. This one tract mind with two dominant, independent, forces makes them seem unhinged…when really, they’re just misunderstood, with unhinged tendencies. After all, the only way you can go crazy (in an uncontrolled, danger to yourself and society, kind of way) is if you think TOO deeply about your thoughts and behaviors and hate them. Gemini’s embrace it and see absolutely nothing strange about it. It just is what it is to them. The reality that they’re feeling at a particular period and time, is the right one to them, so they live by it. Fully.

Geminis, generally speaking, LOVE to talk….they love expressing themselves and communicating what’s on their minds, right then and there. Good or bad. When it’s good, they’re the life of the party, humorous, go-with-the flow state of being, intellectual…oh, but when they’re mad…the same wit that had you crying laughing can and will make you feel their wrath, ears first OR they’ll just let their harsh & snappy energy speak for itself. Both ways will annoy you, offend you, or make you cry…depending on your own personal temperament, of course.

tumblr_o2gytpjZCA1u38dpho1_500This sign is seen as unstable because of this “duality” so to speak. Pretty much all of the Geminis I’ve met, as well as those with strong Gemini energy in their natal charts, have all “snapped”. I’m not talking about, getting pissed…I’m talking, going from “I love this song, no one better skip it!” to “Ok, why the f*ck are we listening to music right now?” in a matter of minutes.

tumblr_nguhnaHPaX1rbyg6xo1_500As seen in the video above, Tupac strongly defends his belief that all of his music “is positive“. He could school you on just how deeply he feels that is true through his passion and intellect. Sure, Dear Mama is a heart jerking classic that makes you think the world and then some of your mother (as you should) but there’s also those songs that suggest the promoting of deviance. This is where many Gemini’s are misunderstood…they allow the hurt in their spirit to spiral into wrath stemming from their ego. Such extreme leaps of being can appear ridiculous to the observing eye, but to Gemini…they are who they are when they are that person. This is where that balance is needed. We are all blessed with both the spiritual voice an the egoistic voices within, along with the free will to chose which one we prefer to live by. Gemini’s, being in their heads like an introvert but having an extroverted sociability, are more likely to appear “bipolar” (not moody, there is a difference) as time goes on with close relationships. Those who tend to understand them a bit more, see their sweet intentions more so than they see their unpredictability as a personal attack.

There’s much to be said about this complex, yet interesting sign. Stay posted for future Gemini insight to come!




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