The Answer is: Now.

tumblr_o8qhxtvrYz1uauof6o1_500 (1).gifOkay, so…I promised myself that I wouldn’t go overboard with the over-thinking post’s but hey, that’s just a part of my experience…I, Raven N. Young, am an over-thinker. I will over-think why the numbers are shaped the way they are if I cared deeply enough. Well, actually…now that I really think about it…just kidding, I’ll look into that at some point (again, I don’t care deeply enough about it…so I’ll “worry” about it later)…Speaking of worry, each time you decide that you’re going to stay in this present moment instead of wonder off into the past or attempt to fast forward into the future, you inevitably have no worries.

Telling ourselves that we’ll worry about something later, can either create procrastination or PATIENCE. And we all know that patience is a virtue so, if you’re a procrastinator…you probably need to reevaluate if you care about what it is you’re procrastinating…because when you really care enough…you WILL get to it and there will be no “worrying” as we naively like to phrase it. However, if you don’t, you never did and you likely, never will. After all, even if you procrastinate on things you do really care about, then you’re just being lazy or fearful…and nothing good, ultimately, ever comes from either of those things…therefore, the things you fail to give life to…die.

Stop being lazy & PRIORITIZE!  -RY


tumblr_mzd2dvDL051sw0e4co1_500Having no worries and mastering control over your thoughts and emotions, is attainable. Just choose to direct your focus upon what lies before your eyes, right now. Trust me, everything you think of comes back to you in some way, BUT at the right time. Once you try to assume the future based on the past alone, you create it based on a reality(s) that you were meant to grow from.

For example, you don’t have to re-learn 2+2…once you’ve learned it. It’s a part of your basic knowledge. Unless you get dementia for whatever reason, it will always be at your instant disposal. So why on EARTH, do many of us find ourselves referring to the information we’ve already LEARNED when trying to create a future with a new and improved experience? STOP! You create your future NOW. This moment, is just waiting to be filled with the energy you plan on putting out. If you put out, in abundance, energies that are ungrateful, empty, sad, greedy, malicious, etc…you create soon-to-be moments that give reason to feel that way until you LEARN that that vibe…ain’t what’s up.

RAISE your spirits…to create a future filled with greater reasons to continue to raise them.

tumblr_or0inzOXti1v8e3x3o1_400Calm your mind, and just KNOW. The answer is…NOW.

Happy creating!



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