Forever, Love.

What happened to that forever love? That true, passionate, just calling to hear your voice kind of love? That love that will lead you to the truth about love; that love that will make your heart skip a beat without making you wonder if that’s where you really should be…kind of love?

Seems like most everyone would rather settle for what seems better than what’s best. Leaving me left to wonder, am I wrong for living in this truth? Believing that love is only made for two…to make, exchanging energies in each others embrace…

tumblr_ochzk8sp4U1qizhaoo1_500I thought I knew…I thought I had…but decided to leave all the bullsh*t in the past. This is my truth…and it’s set me free, as I decided that even if no one else will…I’ll without a doubt choose me.

What happened to that forever love? That love you always see…that love that takes nothing, but gives you a life, in which you can breathe.

Open your eye’s and you’ll see…it starts at your head and goes down to your feet.

Just be,

tumblr_ook694ijss1vhy2fao1_500That forever love, keeps you forever, in love.








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