How to be a WINNER even when it seems like you’ve LOST.

First and foremost…you have to think like a winner.

How do winners think?

They don’t…they FEEL the joy that comes from earning the reward/recognition/appreciation. HOWEVER…life, does not always easily reveal it’s treasures…but when you refuse to believe you’ve lost, ever…you discover the reward that was hidden by the general 3D means of perception.

And since joy is a product of love…you have officially set the foundation to well…win.

By doing this…you’ve won

…and low and BEHOLD…you FEEL joyful…worthy…whole, just like a typical winner.

You have set yourself at a level where only the winning team is located, the GAINERS…not with the losers that have sank to the level of loss.

This doesn’t make you prideful and lack humility…this makes you confident in the fact that God is on your side.

Claim your rewards everyday, seek it within and within everything…and you’ll never lose.


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