Power: A Fruitful Blend of the Mind & Heart.

tumblr_n2j0ivcUOQ1slyhito1_500This generation is increasing in it’s number of awakened beings, or maybe my own personal awakening is making me more aware of those who are also aware… However, even with this knowledge, the enemy need not be forgotten…the ego is still heavily present in many minds and is pretty good at providing the same temporary satisfaction as before, just on a higher level. (Due to the universal laws of attraction, even ego driven manifestation WILL unfold. Focusing your energy on anything will come to be, regardless of if it’s truly beneficial to your long-term wellbeing or not (like the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for…“) but that doesn’t mean its foundation is as strong as those manifestations stemming from truly powerful energies.


What is power? Power is essentially the energy that pulls us to our destinies. Power can either stem from:

  1. The Heart
  2. The Mind

Many people who’s power stems from the heart, may be tempted to follow the mind more so as the heart alone often breaks easy and leaves us left to pick up the pieces as we watch those who manifest from the mind, prevail quickly. However, it is the balance of the two that will bring your greatest blessings to everlasting fruition. To live with such a balance, you have to look at your self, within. I mean really be brutal in honesty about the good and bad qualities that have essentially made you who you are up to the most current moment. This allows you to live humbly and gratuitously as you walk with knowledge and presence. The mind seeks to control the outcomes by getting power externally because it refuses to acknowledge its own weaknesses. When we see ourselves as having no weakness, we put ourselves on a level above ourselves and cease to seek God because well…you subconsciously believe you are THE God! Kinda like the biblical story of how lucifer fell from heaven…

tumblr_oheubzZOjJ1vo4c6co1_500The mind alone wants to prepare for battle by creating one to fight out of a lack of true faith. Never trusting and manipulating others to their advantage by discovering their weaknesses and using them against them as a way to steal their power…pretty selfish, huh? The power given from others, is what keeps them feeling worthy because they’ve yet to find their own power inside. Yet… the heart itself isn’t selfish enough and as the mind alone falls when the power of others is gone, the heart alone does the same when the (expectation motivated) love it was giving to others wasn’t saved at all for the self.

Power is the balance and understanding/acceptance of good and evil and heart and mind…this births the perfect formula for love of self as well as the love of others. This fearless power can only be found during self-discovery and appreciation. It’s not easy, because temptation will always be a mfer, but it will be worth it and naturally occurring overtime. The power that comes from a place of genuine love and consciousness is what will unfold the truly satisfying life that was always meant for you regardless of the bumps along the way.

Protect your heart and protect your mind by living in your highest power…



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  1. Raven, what you have shared is amazing! I especially love the idea of how the power attached to a truly satisfying life derives from a place of genuine love and consciousness. Keep up the great effort!

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