Why I Study Astrology.

Astrology is too often seen as make-believe mambo jumbo, hocus pocus-like hogwash. However…it is much more than that. Actually, looking into the scientific aspects of it all, an astrologist can most certainly be compared to a meteorologist. Seriously, the weather forecasts help to give us an approximate prediction of the weather coming our way based on the clouds and precipitation, etc,  while astrological forecasts help to approximately predict the things we feel based on our natal charts (basically a detailed, planetary birth certificate) and the degrees in which planet/star/moon is in each zodiac sign in consideration of the energy that is currently in abundance around us.

As above, so below.

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My first line of defense when someone confronts me about my extended interest in astrological information and it’s connections to the human psyche…my response is, “the stars and planets are not just up there for decoration”.  (Much like the crystals/stones/gems that can be used for aides in specific areas of energy and aura cleansing, everything is made of energy…they’re more than just rocks…they’re a part of this divine creation and holds meaning and value. Everything has a frequency, be it positive or negative, that effects our lives overtime.) The energy we put out is a reflection of who we truly are within in connection to what we think and what we feel…and a lot of who we are is represented in the mixture of the star-qualities that were uniquely positioned in the sky at the time of our bodies physical birth.

Certain qualities of a sign are more “dominant” than that of others. For example, a person with a strong degree in Gemini will likely be more talkative upon initial social approaching’s than a person with strong Virgo qualities. Though both of these signs are ruled by the planet, Mercury, which is the planet of communication, Gemini’s are more prone to use verbal expression as a “release” and can make most anyone feel like they’re a part of their life with how much they reveal just to get it out, while Virgo’s also love to talk, they don’t really open their mouths much until they’ve left their heads (…an introvert vs extrovert kinda thing).

tumblr_nbu1psODSm1subvnlo1_500It can be a bit complicated as you can never really know a person strictly by obtaining their natal charts. For astrological information can only become astrological knowledge by making the rational and intuitive connections of their charts and their decisions and especially vibes …I use astrology as a way to understand people better, getting the “why” of it all, in terms of why they do the things they do. NO two signs are the same, though they may share certain qualities, other aspects of their natal charts are also taken into consideration (moon sign, rising signs, Venus sign, ascendant node, etc…) This is why I don’t use astrology as a tell all for any relationship “compatibility”. Because the vibration of love is so strong that it can make us see the beauty in our differences and create strong bonds regardless of the difficulty that may exist from time to time due to any personality clashes.

tumblr_o6thh2GbbG1txfen3o1_500My analytical Virgo sun combined with my sociable, people-pleasing Libra moon, even has a lot to do with this passion of mine in particular. I am who I am for a reason, we all are…This is why it’s so important to just be yourself…the things that spark you up is what you were sent here to expand on…master yourself by looking within and living with God in your heart and mind and you will only become a better balance of all that you are.

It’s all love, it’s all light…it’s all in formation.




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