Autism: It’s A Thing.

tumblr_nxtb8vAWTh1sfxa0wo1_500Oh, Autism…there’s still so, so many people who don’t understand that inappropriate behaviors in those with autism do NOT stem from the same tree as those of “typical” children. Children with autism are not always trying to “ignore” you to get their way, they are actually somewhere else mentally. They are so engulfed in what it is they’re doing/thinking about that the rest of the world is basically nonexistent. When the fight between their inner world and the world that is filled with a bunch of people and things they have no control over…the inner world wins most of the time. This causes reactions that mimic those of a child who is simply non-compliant and unruly by nature, but the anxiety within a child with autism causes them to lash out due to fear and the inability to process and act out more rational behaviors in this society.

Think of how you felt (or still feel) when you’re about to do something for the first time that you’re super nervous and maybe even a bit unsure about…this feeling is pretty much a daily struggle for those with autism…something like social anxiety…but world anxiety, in a sense.

tumblr_nns8rwA6Ec1sfxa0wo1_500For most of us, living life comes with it’s up and downs and we adapt to the changes as they come…we get knocked down but somehow get back up and deal with it to our best ability in that moment. Well, for those with autism, the fear of the unknown causes chaos so they sink deeper into whatever it is that makes sense to them. This is why those with autism who are higher functioning are known for their nearly genius qualities on their subject(s) of choice. This one (or maybe 2 to 3) thing(s) is what’s on their mind the majority of the time. It stands out and can become a distraction, especially in social situations. Even something that sparks their interest in a particular instance can take over their thought process, meanwhile they’ve missed any “demand” that you’ve asked them to do, in which you may have thought they just blatantly ignored. Like most children, their attention span is limited due to a natural curiosity of everything around them…however, those with autism have this curiosity times 10! The balance between focus and effective communication is needed to live a “normal” life without a diagnosis.


…but to keep this short and sweet, autism is a real condition that shouldn’t be compared to that of general, nor intentional, malicious behavior. These are not “bad” kids that merely need to be scolded at or spanked to make them compliant.

The body operates based on what’s going on above it and within it… that’s why we are what we think and what we eat…but I digress.

Treat a child like they’re bad…then that’s what they’ll believe they should be in this reality…try to understand them and the world in which they escape…and you will be welcomed in and can pleasantly and comfortably bring them out overtime.. from time to time.


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