Mother, dearest. 

Never grow too old To forget that your mother

Carried you in her womb

Releasing you from the tomb

In which you’ll soon see the world


She is powerful

Respect her as such

Holding all the nutrients you needed as a child

In her bosom as she held you for a while

Syncing heartbeats

Co-existing in the moment

Giving you life and love as grow in it

She believed in you before you even knew how to

She believes in you even though you think you’ve outgrew

The need to confide in her

Trust in her

In faith

Going through life

Biting off more than you can stop & actually taste

At the end of the day

She is the one

Appreciate her love

Long before she’s gone

You are an extension of her

Your guardian

And materially underpaid caregiver

Blessed, are those who know the worth of their mother, dearest…
Happy Mother’s Day -RY

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