Being Black.

tumblr_nhfog7coeT1two90zo1_500.jpgNowadays, unless you’ve lived in the hood, witnessed a few murders, or even had to sell dope to make ends meet you’re not truly “black”…but tell me, how long does it take to make a better life? I mean, isn’t that the whole point? Doing what needs to be done to provide better living conditions for our children? Yet, we have black people in poverty downing black people who appear to have been born with a “silver spoon” in envy, when it should really be inspiration. We don’t get to chose the cards we’re dealt, but sending out hate will only keep African-Americans as a whole in the slums of this nation, running from the cops as if their the ones who hold the key to our destiny. Being black is more than the lifestyle you were placed in, but more so, what you do with your resources no matter how scarce they may be. Being a “real nigga” will only keep you real ignorant…as that IS what it means by definition. The more we identify being black in America as needing to go through shit…the more we will continue to attract shitty obstacles that we need to go through. The more we turn against each other based on skin complexion and social status, the more we divide ourselves and stay stuck in this invisible cage we’ve made out of fear. That’s how we even got into the whole slavery situation…by following the “help” we were convinced we needed, when everything we needed was among us all along…but I digress.

tumblr_o4so16vNfm1vpkbc4o1_250.gifNo one can be black, unless they are in fact BLACK. I’m talking mindset and DNA. There is no “acting black”, “talking black” or “dressing black”. Because all those things are associated with hard times. Mind you, every ethnicity in this world had a portion of it’s people in a low SES, yet in order to be a true black person, you have to have lived in such a troublesome way of life. This keeps us down there. A black person with a “proper” way of speaking is made to believe they’re “acting white”…yet, isn’t that the point? To get the education that’s always been so easily accessible to a non-black person in order to get OUT of the struggle? I’m not talking money, I’m talking not having to worry about money. Actually living a life of purpose because you can, as opposed to deeming your purpose as unrealistic because you have no time for it cause you’re working 3 jobs for companies you don’t really care much about… (i.e…burying your gift for money)

tumblr_og7014cFmm1u08nuio1_250Being black means taking your mind and realizing it’s strength and dropping all the BS you’ve been fed and growing with the knowledge that a better life is what’s going to lift you up as well as the generations to come. Sure, those who have made it to a higher status should never neglect those who live a hard life. What we do should be done with love and given freely in love as well. Keeping it all to yourself and possibly your immediate friends and family isn’t enough…helping those who are stuck in the rut LEARN how to get themselves out of the rut is what’s going to bring the BLACK out of the black people. After all, struggles come in both mental and circumstantial forms. It’s what’s within that makes you who you are. You can either embrace your blackness or neglect it…it can’t be added by the way you grew up or what you chose to wear or how you talk/act. It’s simply there for the taking…or not.

Be black and look within. Search your history and discover your roots. Spend time alone, with God. God is all you should fear and trust simultaneously…break the chains you’ve been placed in by those filled with hate and greed. Live life in love and become resilient to the fear that’s continuously trying to limit you. Work smarter…Renew your genetic expression.


Black pride isn’t about hate of others whatsoever, it’s about appreciation.

Appreciation and love have the same frequency…




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