Transformation: The Green Light to Evolution.

tumblr_omx9345LHS1uauof6o1_500.gifTransformation isn’t easy. It can begin overnight…but it can’t completely happen overnight. It’s an everlasting process, if done correctly. There will be moments in which you slip up…you’ll feel so good at times that you mistakenly go back to an old way of being, because well…happy people tend to say “yes”. However, in time, you will be able to feel when somethings toxic/off, judge accordingly and make a quick detour before continuing on the route to bad decisions. Once you’re truly on the road to becoming, there will be times you feel like it’s not worth staying on such a path when the people around you who still live a fast life driven by the closed eye are seemingly living in abundance by doing all the things you felt you needed to grow from. Don’t give in. Remember that feeling you felt when you first let love in…i’m talking, real, deep, tears of happiness and drugged up euphoric love induced by no material reasoning whatsoever, when you first believed that there was more to this life than temporary highs. The vision that needs your spirits guiding light to take you to places you never thought possible, is reason enough to maintain patience and persistence.

Find the balance between spiritual connection and being able to connect with the world around you without losing your way. Too much of anything is a bad thing…yes, you can even be TOO spiritual and end up driving yourself crazy by expecting yourself to be perfect. We’re humans not angels! There will always be times we need to slap some sense into ourselves, but that’s okay! Make it your duty to become patient with yourself and your weaknesses. That’s how you LEARN. Mistakes are what make life what it is. Mistakes are what make us continually seek God. Sounds a little selfish, huh? But it’s not…without night, what would day be? We wouldn’t appreciate it if we never missed it…and in order to miss something you have to first love it. Love is God’s first language. You only hear God when you understand and appreciate love.

Connecting with the world helps to remind you of your physical body, as it’s the thing that can easily be seen by the external eye. Use what you’ve learned during your private time seeking God within yourself and apply it to the light you shine before others. Everything in life requires balance. We are all filled with light, but we are still human…

tumblr_nsvmctkwfd1tc0swho1_500Transformation is really just another word for mental evolution. What we think effects more than our mental health, but also our physical realities. As much as I hate to admit it, (as I’m naturally against the idea of “competition”) , Charles Darwin was pretty spot on when his theory of survival of the fittest. Only those who are able to learn the ways of the world without getting lost in it will thrive. Those who are able to create based on what they’ve learned and applied to their lives will prosper. In order to learn the ways of the world, you must first learn yourself and believe in what it is you need to do… Too many people give in and jump off that same ‘ol cliff that everyone else is jumping from just cause the screams at the bottom sound like a party, until you’re down there and you realize the screams are all from internal pain and brokenness. However, you’ll be amazed (but not surprised) at what people will do for attention, acceptance and/or a few thousand dollars.

Trust your struggle.

It’s guiding you, if you’d only take the time to slow down and listen. Don’t take the easy way out…compete with yourself and the you that’s evolving in love will be what you pass down to your children and your children to their children, etc! You change the world by how you chose to grow. Elevate yourself and live strongly in upward spiraling transformation. The world needs YOU.



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