For the past couple of weeks, I, myself, have been lacking in the total amount of REM sleep needed per night. With an average of about 16-17 hours of sleep a week, you can say I’ve been pretty…off. Literally, ask me a question and I’ll need a moment to even decide if I should be answering it, let alone easily achieve the ability to find the appropriate answer (if one at all)…and it’s not fun.  The brain slows down with the less sleep it gets. When you sleep, your brain restores itself and if you’re not sleeping then, well…your brain is over-working. Just like our bodies, when over-worked, they crash. You feel it and see it in your performance. Your brain can literally CRASH and you may still be living, but your mind isn’t making it a very worthwhile time for you to be alive. You basically turn into a zombie that’s just going through the motions of life without truly absorbing much of anything to the fullest… You don’t really feel much of anything. It all becomes an act to appear present, when you’re actually barely there.

Sleep deprivation also effects your mood. Why? Because, it’s frustrating! Who in their right mind (or in this case, rejuvenated mind) enjoys not being able to effectively communicate with others even when they know they have the ability to? Heck, that effects the moods of most introverts everyday, which is why they choose to spend most of their time alone in a world where very few actually understand where they’re truly coming from without assumption and “I” centered interruption…but I digress.

Aides for meditation, such as binaural beats, are known to provide conscious sleep. Basically, you remain completely alert, but the tones that cause a synchronization in your brain, creating “single-mindedness” (i.e. the key to being mindful) allows it to experience the same effects as it would during REM sleep.

So, how does this relate to being brain dead? Well, people who are brain dead, have overactive brains…this can account for those who overthink at a constant rate as well. Too much is happening in the mind and the less time it has the chance to rest…the more consciousness you lose! You begin to have less and less recollection on how to control your earthly body and attitudes properly because the mind is somewhere else.

Re-vive your brain and get some sleep…even the most passionate of people need sleep! Yes, a love of anything gives you energy but knowing yourself enough to know when things start changing in a not-so-good way is vital. Know when to chill and bit and relax your mind in sleep and/or meditation of some kind to get things flowing naturally again with ease. There will come a time when the cute and admirable crazy that comes with the satisfying sensations of passionate love will turn into straight jacket, mad house, crazy… and nothing’s cute about that…unless the person determining the cuteness level of it all is also straight jacket, madhouse, crazy as well…but that’s another topic.tumblr_oms6g3sMDd1uuxzsno2_500

Come back to a thriving and fulfilling life as you balance your physical and spiritual levels of perception.



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