Adderall: Artificially Amazing.

Considering taking adderall but don’t want to risk awakening an addiction? Click here to read my view on how the benefits of giving in to artificial assistance in dire times may not be so bad.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT promoting drug use of any kind.

The intent behind this topic is to help a generation that is so vulnerable to self-doubt, and confusing the true meaning of life with the love for money, fame, and other materialistic possessions.

I used Adderall in specific, since the age groups introduced to this drug are typically the ones, aware and unaware, at a fork in the road. They are the one’s that are barely surviving on the idea of being rich one day as a way to create a stable life void of the need to constantly escape through drugs and other addictive behaviors.

Truth is, not everyone get’s lost and finds their way back with a close of a prayer. Not everyone knows the benefits of patience and self-control (both mentally & physically). So I figured that it’s better to advise those going through hell to experience the effects of a feel-good aid, see and feel the results to know it’s possible. Of course, with an emphasis on MODERATION.

So many people take their lives because they just weren’t aware that life is much more than their current hardships no matter how long they’re been battling them. There are things all around us that can make changes happen in our brains if we only surrender to the pain and let in the feelings linked with love. If a drug has the ability to force our brains to function a certain way that allows us to live a life we feel worth living, then we have to believe that life is in fact worth living and soul search until the strength to naturally let in the such bliss opens us up to the path we were always supposed to travel on. The path that the standard of societies around the world has lead many to believe needs to be adjusted to.

It’s not an easy task to gain control over your life again, to re-up your power bars with years of old programming to update.

I say, do whatever it takes to seek your truth but do it with love and logical limits or not at all…because without love and a true desire to improve, no matter what is done in attempt to transform, the results will backfire and only cause more pain and keep you stuck.

Artificial amazement doesn’t make you amazing…being & believing you are amazing, makes you amazing.


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