The Silent Twins: Ego vs. Spirit

The other day, a friend introduced me to the story of “The Silent Twins”. These twins apparently only spoke to themselves in a language that only they could understand. They read and even wrote novels and as they grew older, to not much of my surprise, began committing crimes.

Long story short, they continued to live this way and later met a lady that helped write their, self-titled, biography “The Silent Twins”, and soon after decided that one of them had to die… What really shook me was the fact that one actually DID die, from an “inflamed heart”. No sign of drug use, poisons, nothing. PLUS, her eyes were open.

Of course, I wanted to know how the heck and why the heck?? So inevitably, I thought myself into an insomniac daze and came up with what could be the ONLY reasonable explanation for the madness.

The ego lost against the spirit.

I’m sure many of you have at least heard about the idea that we all have spirits within us. Some form of light that was given by the source (God, deity, higher power, etc.) Well, there’s also an ego. Ya know, that part of us that doesn’t give a f*ck. At least not about the things that are worth giving a f*ck about. The ego seeks everything from anything and everyone for external validation. The silent twins were bullied so they sought out a way to escape the pain by confiding, abnormally, in each other. Basically taking their lives into their own hands. Now, this is where things might sound a little creepy, but…perhaps…one twin carried the spirit, while the other carried the ego. The spirit and the ego are typically combined in us all individually. But maybe, just maybe, something triggered the separation of the two completely to exist in either one twin or the other.

Think about it, we tend to “kill” our egos in order to be enlightened. To LIVE in the spirit. These twins shunned out society when they weren’t accepted at a young age and committed crimes after they only received minimal recognition for their novels as an alternative way to seek the love and attention they subconsciously yearned for, except this form of attention was provoked by wrath (something only the ego finds fuel from). BUT once their biography was written and they were able to have their voices heard, pun intended, this is when they suddenly knew that one had to die for the other to live.

MIND YOU, they had already begun HATING each other. As shown in the video above, one twin even called the other “her shadow…the dark…misery…deception…murder.” When we live in our egos, we are thought to be in darkness. Unaware of the truth within, seeking validation from the 3D world alone and acting out with a lack of faith and true love. Therefore, the shadow, the twin possessing the ego, died with her eyes now OPEN, indicting her awareness of the light and it’s true strength, and an inflamed heart. This inflamed heart could be due to the excess amount of love/light in the heart chakra in the body that the ego couldn’t handle. Leaving the other twin alive and able to live in the spirit and take all of life in, mindful and aware, now that the ego has died.

Crazy, huh? Oh, the power of love…


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