How to be happy in the not-so-happy times.

If you’re anything like me, you have this huge idea of who you “should” be. Not in a “I need to be this kind of person INSTEAD of myself” kinda way, but in a “I know I have the potential to be a better ME than the me I am right now” kinda way. This can not only put a damper on your energy but also breed subconscious insecurities.

tumblr_mpzo79bhh61rytstpo1_500We were all placed here for a reason. It’s been said a million times. WE HAVE A PURPOSE HERE AS HUMANS. Our souls experience here on earth has been placed in this thing we call a “body” that just completely blocks everyone from easily seeing the only thing that really matters…which is the soul. the spirit. the light.

So what happens here? We develop all this unnecessary pressure to not only be loved for who we are, but also, somehow continue to realize that who we really are often isn’t seen by the naked eye. Especially not in this day and age where whats most pleasing the physical eye is what gets the initial attention.

It’s not easy being able to break the chains of society and just shine no matter where you are in your journey right now. It’s not easy to be confident when you KNOW you’re greater than what you may lead others to perceive. However, difficult is not the equivalent to impossible.

tumblr_og9k2gbxde1vtq8npo1_500So, how can you truly be happy in a not-so-happy time in your life without becoming stagnant? FOCUS ON THE NOW. Drop your EGO. Your ego wants the future NOW. You cannot HAVE anything except now. This is it…you can’t even fast forward even 1 minute in this life. You have to suck it up and take yourself for who you are right now, scars and all and just be GRATEFUL that you’ve been given this very moment to make things right again. That you’ve been given yet another chance to correct your mistakes and put the pieces back together again. Pray for the future you desire, but do so in a way that trusts Gods plan even if its not what you exactly envision. Trust me…his plan is better than any plan you could ever imagine. After all, he’s the one who gave you this purpose to begin with! So umm, He kinda knows what he’s doing.

tumblr_ogmhhclnch1vtq8npo1_500It’s harder to do this when you’ve gone through struggles, be it poverty, losing your faith, being overcome by your ego, emotional trauma, physical loss, etc…its not easy to be cool, calm and collected all the time when you’ve seen the bottom, are at the bottom, or even feel as if you may be approaching the bottom. But you know why its harder? Because you’re afraid. You’re unhappy with yourself right now because you’re not living life to your best ability yet, forgetting that each day you build yourself. You CREATE your future in the NOW. If you’re unhappy with the now, that means your not trusting that things will be better. Your’re operating out of fear of not making it to better times, instead of thriving with the belief that with hard work and faith, you WILL live a more fulfilling life. Screw what anyone else thinks you have the ability to achieve. They have no more control over your outcomes than you give them. So be happy right NOW with the KNOWLEDGE that your light will shine its brightest for all to see in due time. That even the most lost have been been found and live in abundance.

You have what you NEED right now…God appreciates a grateful heart. Would you be happy if you gave someone a gift and they didn’t smile or anything simply because its not AS nice as the one they really thought you were going to give them today? UM…rude much? If you’re petty like me, you probably wouldn’t give them another gift at all, but God doesn’t work in spite like that, but he will make sure your next gift makes you appreciate the one you looked down on previously to HUMBLE you. tumblr_oea5xvssld1s13tcmo1_500

Appreciate each moment. Don’t get too comfortable…as too much of anything turns bad. Simply drop your impatient ego and FEEL as if you already have it all, while working both spiritually and physically to reep what you’ve sewn.


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