Shine On.

Not everyone will be able to see your light…especially not on those days where you barely can. Some will try to shade it, some will flat out ignore it in hopes that you start to question if it’s even existent in the first place. Shine anyways. As long as you are able to keep it flickering no matter how shallow the flame becomes …it will always be there and it will never burn out. Every new day, hour, minute and even second is your chance to add positive energy into your mind. This energy will strengthen your light in ways you may not be able to instantly recognize..but you will soon feel. Your light is what will change the world as you know it. Your light is what has the strength the pull not only you, but others…from the darkness. Believe in yourself and end all comparison. Simply because someone else’s light is shinning, doesn’t mean yours isn’t…until, of course, you begin to dim it yourself with self-doubt. tumblr_ntx1glyIVa1rcfvogo1_500.gif

No matter how you feel, your light only shines as bright as allow. Faith adds fuel to you fire…believe that regardless of your past or even your current circumstances, you will achieve your highest potential. Take the risks necessary to build yourself and your empire. Focus on improving yourself in order to change the world.

Use your flame to light the candles of everyone you encounter on your journey. Knowledge is powerknow yourself, know your purpose, know you were always meant to reach your most fulfilling destiny…and reach it.





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