Drinkers: Conscious vs. Unconscious

Has anyone ever asked you, “What’s your favorite type of alcohol?” and for a second you think to yourself, “Oh crap, I actually hate the taste of it in general buuut let me just say a socially acceptable one to seem like the party type!” If you can relate…you’re most likely an unconscious drinker.

However, if you can confidently say “I prefer to drink *insert drink*” AND you can explain why…you my friend, are a conscious drinker.

Now I bet you’re wondering if this is even a “thing” and honestly…I have no idea, but let’s assume it is and look at the following symptoms to make further judgments.

tumblr_lu58aq0qmu1qg7duno1_500Symptoms of an unconscious drinker:

  1. You don’t remember anything that happened while drinking the next day
  2. Literally, people tell you things that you did/said and you truly don’t recall any of it
  3. You don’t know your favorite type of alcohol

Symptoms of a very conscious drinker:

  1. You remember nearly everything that happened while drinking the next day
  2. People tell you things that you did/said and you all laugh simultaneously at the mutual memory
  3. You know your favorite type of alcohol (AND can explain why)

Basically, the difference between these two types of drinkers is simple…”emotional intuned-ness”. When you’re a conscious drinker, you’re more aware of your emotional state. Hence terms like, “angry drunk” or “horny drunk”. These types of drunkenness vary depending on the type of alcohol you drink and can influence you differently when mixed with your innate personality type. If you’re a conscious drinker…you know what does what. tumblr_ntliuiFCiY1ur7mdeo1_400.gif

Unconscious drinkers…well, guzzle just about anything down because they’re most likely trying to fill a void and shun out reality by altering their state of mind. (Which is crazy because why would you run from reality out of spite when you’re still going to go to sleep and wake back up to reality, only this time, with a THROBBING HANGOVER and vomit breath.

If you know anyone who is an unconscious drinker, dial  (866) 257-3851  to change their life. They might hate you for this now…but their thriving liver and positive new view of life will thank you later…eventually…over time.

You don’t have to be a fully sober unicorn year round…but my God, enjoy your drinks, don’t let them destroy you.



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