img_9407BeyondEyeView.com is essentially a self-improvement blog based on a spiritually motivated foundation. It was created with the intent to not only inspire but to educate all who were meant to perceive each particular post!


Perception: This tab is all about life and the random little things that come rolling by as lessons (and blessings) within it. In the end, life only exists and unfolds in the way that we choose to perceive it…

Astro-forecast: This category is all about astrology and the current planetary positions in connection with the world around us! “As above, so below.”

#EmpathLife: This category focuses on life as an empath and the various ways to protect your energy in a world that so eagerly, yet often unintentionally, throws it’s energetic debris our way.

Goddess Corner: This corner is all about the Goddess experience here on earth and how to maintain (and re-build) the power of the divine feminine energy in a masculine dominated world.

There’s more to life than what meets the eye…expand your vision beyond sight, to truly see.



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