img_9407Beyond Eye View is a lifestyle blog based on spiritually motivated foundation. It was created with the intent to not only inspire but to educate all who were meant to perceive each particular post. Here, you can read about topics ranging from femme holistic health & dual beauty hacks to AstroTravel (my personal favorite) and entrepreneurial tips/inspiration!

Fun surprises coming throughout 2017! Please feel free to leave feedback and ask questions!


Lady Luck: This category includes postings all about natural health remedies for the lady parts! Health, inner beauty found through spirituality and outer beauty tips that aren’t harsh on your vitality in the long run. Though this corner of the site if focused on women, health is health, so men are more than welcome to take notes!

AstroTravel: This category is all about astrology and the current planetary positions in connection with the world around us! “As above, so below.”

Boss Complex: This category focuses on aspects of the mind and how to re-program your thinking to manifest your dreams into reality.

Random Rambles: This corner of the site is filled with lots of random topics ranging from psychology to relationships!

Poetry: Needless to say, this tab is filled with all original poems written by yours truly 🙂

There’s more to life than what meets the eye…expand your vision beyond sight, to truly see.



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