Finding God.

Finding God isn’t simply getting baptized in a church or praying everyday, asking for more than what you’re currently blessed to have in the first place. Finding God requires you to develop the strength to look at your self as nakedly and as unbiased than ever.

tumblr_nxtxndzlE41sc9floo1_400.gifGod IS love. Love is more than smiles and giggles and Eskimo kisses (if you’re into that kind of thing). Love also involves heartache and tears and honesty, even when it’s brutal. Love that’s only rainbows, likely, isn’t real. For even a real life rainbow only comes after the storm. Realize that you’re not perfect, that you do have things you need to and can always work on, but do NOT, by any means, hate yourself because of your unique characteristics. Love should only improve you. You’re not able to improve until you’re willing to believe there’s room for improvements. Once you’ve began to unconditionally love yourself, your entire outlook on life changes. You begin to realize the answers to questions you’ve had for years, you develop the patience to wait for the answers to current questions to unfold before your eyes…because once you’ve found God, you have FAITH.

Side note: You can’t both have faith and worry simultaneously…when you stop worrying, you enjoy the moment. When you focus on the moment, you raise your natural vibration to manifest the answers you crave and more

tumblr_ns7wgavppb1qfojywo1_500When you find God…life becomes this big, beautiful, mysterious adventure that you both yearn to travel and solve. You find beauty in everything around you and gain an appreciation for the things so often looked over (a field of flowers, the rarity of a good friend, the mercy you’ve been given when your life could have so easily been over…). You see and feel it so deeply that you are filled with an indescribable joy that nearly sends you to tears (or if you’re like me, totally and completely sends you there) just thinking about your ability to experience such blessings.

When you truly find God, you are filled with love. Life no longer is the same…the power of love is a force to be reckoned with! You are no longer in control, yet you don’t want to be. Because without God, life feels pointless and therefore, kinda sucks… With God, everything you need to live the greatest life you can, the life you were always meant to live…is yours.


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