Moldavite: An eye opening, spiritual rod.

After being pulled miles in the direction to get my hands on this rare gem, Moldavite had my heart from the moment it presented itself in my reality.

tumblr_mz8ujdrwty1sm7nhho1_500Having a strong effect on the heart chakra (and my desire to melt off the ice ever so constantly trying to guard it), I couldn’t wait to see just how “powerful” this thing could possibly be.

tumblr_n0jnpsbwir1rlaporo1_500I have experience with other crystals such as amethyst and citrine, but they never really gave me physical sensations. I could see the changes in my life, but figured this was merely due to my own changes in perception, but never have I felt the energy activating directly within my body! How could something so small make me feel things that only seemed like exaggerations to make a sell? (after all, I’m in America).

After grasping it for only a little while, there was what felt like inner sparks, slightly pulsating through the tips of my fingers (giving “spirit fingers” a whole new meaning). Next, I had this mild headache like pain right in the middle of my forehead…I just thought I was dehydrated…but turns out…I had been drinking water since I woke up…then it dawned on me…that maybe, just maybe… I’m WAKING UP much further than rising from my bed!

tumblr_inline_nlkt5hOgEX1t5mcpj.gifCould my pineal gland be blinking after such a long slumber? Hmm… If you’re feeling lost or have the idea that life is merely this redundant flow of pointless events. Moldavite will surely help speed up the process of slapping some sense into you. It’s presence in my life in surely God-sent and one to remember. The knowledge it gives you, the protection you feel…the positive thoughts and faith filled affirmations…is unearthly…much, like it is. After all, it is a product of a meteor collision.


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