The Power of Parental Love.

2013-06-07-davidblaine2Not long ago, I was watching a David Blaine documentary on Netflix. Other than his unearthly abilities, the thing that really stood out to me was when he mentioned just how much his mother supported his passion for magic.

Think about it, how would most people respond to their child saying that they aspire to be a magician for a living? I mean, c’mon…it’s not exactly the most ordinary form of living…(don’t even get me started on job security). However, a child’s mind clings to what a parent or guardian tells them. From political views to religious, it all has an substantial effect on how they view life to an extent… and even how they view themselves. Sure, when a certain age is reached, opinions are more individualized based on extended knowledge and experiences, but the amount of love given at the tender ages in youth are what shape subconscious beliefs that can last a lifetime.

You can’t tell a child that they can be anything they want to be, but include exceptions…anything means ANYTHING. If you see that your child really has a strong passion for something, it’s then your job to make sure you guide them in the direction that will help them fulfill their hearts. Even if the only thing you are able to give to aid in the acceleration of their purpose, is love.

tumblr_nkq4doexlh1qfojywo1_500Even the child that claims to hate their parents, craves their love. It’s a cry out… Parental love is the first thing a child experiences, before the love from friends and even before the love of self. If you tell a child they should only focus on something less than what makes them feel alive and brings them happiness…you’re risking taking away their happiness all together. Love your child in such a way that they wake up knowing that they are able to become what they want to be despite the hurdles they’ll face…because at they end of the day, what you think is what you will become. Increase their faith and give life to “you can be anything you want to be”…make them feel it in their heart. Your opinions of them matter…you build their strength and confidence by engraving in their mind that they are somebody even when the world seems hard and un-accepting of them. Don’t make life harder for them by laughing at their dreams…give them the faith that will keep them safe even when they leave the nest and have to fend for themselves.

tumblr_o5tfapq8i21svyqrvo1_500The power of love can move mountains if need be…use your love to move the filter placed over the eyes of your child by society called “the standard” and their eyes will be easily opened to their special capabilities, forever.


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