Beauty: Coexist.

There’s beautiful people all over the world. Be it pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the soul or discovering a combination of the two. So what makes us suddenly see all of our “flaws” when encountering these beautiful people?


STOP comparing.

tumblr_nu7ztxcwp91ttzaedo1_500Those “flaws” you’ve highlighted in your mind are some of the very things that make YOU beautiful. So why on earth are you bashing them all because you’ve seem someone else owning theirs? Why are you looking down on yourself when how you view yourself is actually what you end up becoming? How can anyone else possibly ever see your true beauty when you keep turning down the light of your own spirit?


You’re so used to what you see in the mirror every flippin’ day, that you can’t possibly see through the eyes of a stranger. Besides, real beauty is way beyond the surface. It goes past those stretch marks, that snaggled tooth and the lazy eye that looks like a permanent, unfinished wink…it is WITHIN. Open your eyes to yourself and love it! You’re your own type of beauty. Appreciate the beauty of others without doubting your own. You CAN coexist along side other beautiful people.

tumblr_ob5z4czbhg1ukzte5o1_500A lily doesn’t kill itself when a rose blooms next to it…it simply remains beautiful. Not because it knows someone out there loves lilies more than roses, but because it’s just doing what it does. Living and blooming. Stay beautiful by not letting those who despise your beauty bring you down…even when that person is yourself.

You are UNIQUE. You are YOU…and that’s beYOUtiful.



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