Make like a bird and…eat seeds!

Sure, you can also make like a bird and fly, but at some point you’re going to get hungry with all that arm activity.

I’m not saying to strictly have a seed diet, just include them in it!

Think about it, whenever we eat an apple, we leave the core with those poor little seeds exposed only to be tossed away. But why? There has to be some benefits to the very things that made this fruit come to be in the first place. (Which is why some people eat placenta…there’s benefits to creation people!)

tumblr_n1inomfdvs1trg9c8o1_500Apple seeds and avocado seeds are just two types of seeds that can actually aid in weight loss and regulation. But what do we do with them? Throw ’em away. But like they say, Everything sweet ain’t sugar coated“. So don’t tunnel your focus in on the parts that are appealing to the eye. The seeds are sweet, my darling…sweet for your body, especially apricot seeds that may not be as beneficial for the scale, but can aid in boosting your immune system to keep you healthy enough to stay alive and get on the scale in the first place. However, apricot seeds are illegal in america (population control), so good luck getting your hands on them! If not, have no fear, bird seeds have their perks to nearly curing the body as a whole!

Side note: A weight scale should only be used for health purposes, not cosmetics. A number on the scale doesn’t determine if you are healthy or even “fat”. If you’re healthy and fueling your body with the proper nutrients, including the ones mentioned above (ie. seeds), then a number is simply a number. How you view yourself should be the determinant of whether or not you need find other ways to tuck and tighten (this is where making like a bird and flying comes in handy…work those wings and get active!)

tumblr_ninq42aac61spo3yuo1_500.gifSo the next time you think about opting out of the seeds in front of you, save them. You don’t have to eat the seed by itself. After all, they can be pretty hard. Get create and find ways to add them to other ingredients in the foods you eat. I don’t know about you, but apple seeds crushed into a powder, mixed with cinnamon powder and maybe a little sugar, sprinkled on top of the ice cream that sits upon a freshly baked apple pie sounds ah-maze-ing. Add a little coconut oil, and you’ve got your self a weight regulating drizzle!

(Click on the highlighted words through this post to learn more!)

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