Life: Recover like a dog.

Dogs seem to be super happy all the time…unless you’ve crossed an angry pit-bull of course. However, regardless of their emotional display, it has nothing to do with that of yesterday. Sure, they can be conditioned to fear, nervousness, etc. but somehow…even the most abused of dogs are able to jump and play again with us selfish humans, when just one shows them a hint of selflessness, of goodness, of mercy.

However, we, being the selfish humans, seem to have a hard time letting things go. Something in us cant seem to grasp the idea that maybe we shouldn’t hold the good people accountable for the wrongs done to us through the not so good ones.
We’ve all been hurt…(key word: been…past tense). There’s no reason you should still be hurting over something that has happened in the past. Time heals all, but you have the power to determine just how much time it will take. Each day you wake up is a new day, with new chances to repair yourself. If you keep reliving the pain you felt due to some douche bag or female-pimp, you’re only keeping the wounds open, regardless of all the people in your presence as of NOW trying to stop you from picking at the scab with your thoughts.

tumblr_o61792c8op1uj6umoo1_500When people do us wrong…you can either give them the power to have control over your days ahead or get control back over your life…smile… and appreciate the fact that you’re not dead.

After all, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Don’t let a dog be stronger than you! Recover.



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