Envision: Seeing is believing.

You can’t help who doesn’t want to help themselves…It doesn’t matter how much you see potential in a person and appreciate the reason why they exist…for them, the best of them remains unrecognized, so they’ll be unable and even unwilling to accept your help. They don’t see what you see… completely unaware of who they have the power to be, if they could.

The definition of you should be written in the mark that you’re leaving on the world. The future is created within the things you do today.

tumblr_no3lw3MaZF1tchrkco1_500.gifThat light at the end of the tunnel…is you. You’re responsible for the way things turn out…what you envision is what ultimately becomes your reality and then some. We all have the power to change the world in our own unique way…don’t let your gift go to waste by failing to recognize that you definitely have one to give

You are the gift to the world, let your light shine on a world loosing it’s light. Be true to you, to give it the life it needs by utilizing yours.



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