Out of the Mind & into the Now.

Have you ever spaced out and thought about so much at one time to the point where you can somehow retain it all but the image is just a bunch of colors swirling together in a downward spiral?
This my friend, is over thinking. Honestly, when I experienced this…I later questioned if I was having an anxiety attack or a mental breakdown! So much was happening, yet nothing had actually happened at all…at least not to my awareness. I was lost in each thought…and still had no concrete answer as to what I need to focus on and be happy with. But now that I’ve found the answer…I have to share it with the world.

Are you ready? 

tumblr_o6ks7zhsb51v54eezo1_500…the answer, is in the NOW. Ever heard someone say, “When you stop looking for something, that’s when you find it” well stop looking for the answer and wah-lah! Behold…the answer that’ll guide you to everything you need and more.

You know…you could really have it all, we all could! If we just focused on what’s currently before our eyes. Because what you have right now needs attention in order to expand. Don’t be ruled by the things that have already gone and the things that haven’t happened. Learn from and be inspired by them…but the only place you should try to be living in, is the present. That’s the most natural way…anything else is well… irrelevant or flat out make-believe…

Find your way out of those thoughts to find your way…



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