Goddess Corner

The Steps to Achieving Beauty.

Step 1: Be confident.

Step 2: B…oh, wait…there is no step 2!

So, what’re you to do with only one step?? Google “How to be confident“? NO! There’s no one, and I mean absolutely noone can tell YOU how to be confident except for yourself. Sure you come across things suggesting that you hold your head up and project your voice, even. However, though this is a great “fake it ’til you make” approach to confidence, those are merely physical adjustments, in which the ability to be interfered with is increased by the perception created in your minds by what we THINK/ WERE TAUGHT is “presentable.”

You have GOT to go much deeper than that, honey…

I’m not saying go out acting like you’ve got no home training what so ever. I’m telling you to roll our eyes all the way back into your head until you see eye to eye, with your soul, your spirit, your self. 

tumblr_odbtb4bryp1voq8abo1_400(Figuratively speaking.)

Who you are is your gift to the world. That may seem silly, considering that sometimes even the people in our personal lives make us question if they really care about us, let alone the entire world! But, how you view your self is actually a projection onto the world through the type of energy you exude from within to power it.

You in your rawest form is what is beautiful. You in your rawest, most organic, GMO and pesticides free form is what will change lives… and it’s been said that the only way to change the world is to change ourselves first. Change should never be for the worse, or else it isn’t change…its basically a conscious death. Yeah, you’re alive to the visual world…but your SELF…oh, your poor self is pretty much about to kick the bucket.

Anyways, don’t be afraid to follow this one step…just take it! It can be a hard and painful battle against yourself and your predisposed idea of what you “should” be just to lift your leg up, but it’s worth the fight, because you’re worth it. We fight for the things we see worth in everyday, even if it’s just fighting the urge to punch the next person who tells you good morning before you’ve had your coffee! Your right to a free life outside of jail is a bit more worth it than the lawsuit pinned against you.

So know your worth. Take a look at your self and KNOW that you are beautiful.

Okay, there may be a part 2 to Step 1…but essentially, there’s still only 1 step.

Step 1b: Don’t compare your beauty to someone else’s.

Admire it, but know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your beauty is the only one you’re holding. If you begin to neglect it…well, now you’re simply not as beautiful as you could be.

Be confident in your beauty and thou shalt be beautiful!

                                                                                                           -Beautylations 1:1




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