How to: Love.

Imagine something you claim to love…now ask yourself, “Why do I love this?” I can personally tell you that I love kiwis because they taste really good, therefore they satisfy my taste buds. I’m being given something to spark such a “love” so to speak…the satisfaction I receive from it is what keeps me wanting more, thus allowing the love to remain. However, if I were to eat a few kiwis one day and they suddenly just don’t taste as good as say…raspberries…my love for kiwis has now been replaced for the love of raspberries! But wait…did I really love those kiwis if their sudden inability to provide pleasure to my oral cavity is the very thing that turned my love into dare i say it…like? Hmm…

tumblr_o9hjwg0zHM1vykb6vo1_500.gifNow, image someone you love and ask your self that same question. What on earth has made you come to the conclusion that you love this person out of all the other people you’ve come across in your life? Is it because they provide you something that sparks the love ? Usually, this is the case…but if it is the case…it’s actually not really love.

What is love?

Love isn’t simply something you’ll “know” when it comes. Love is more than a thought…for thoughts can be altered by various stimuli if uncontrolled. Love is a feeling…love is an energy…an ongoing and growing present state of being.

tumblr_o7ainuswfm1u3yaf9o1_500You should love in such a way that makes the thing being loved wonder why it’s loved. When you love, you should balance your heart and mind. Too much mind and not enough heart causes chaos and confusion. Too much heart and not enough mind causes naivety and emotional exhaustion …when the balance is there…real love will feel like everything you’ve ever imagined and then some, even when things aren’t so peachy. It may bend, but never break.

Love conquers all…but it has to be real. It has to be genuine and pure to really transcend it’s magic…you’ll never experience the power of love if you continue to have an “idea” of what it is. Feelings can never be defined, at least not concretely….so whatever it is you’re thinking love is, it’s probably just someone else’s experience with it. So stop comparing and contrasting and just allow the love you’ve found to flow freely…
Love is natural and should be an addition to our lives, it should open our eyes to the path we’re destined to be on. It should give you the faith you need to carry on when it seems the burdens of the world we live in are trying to get the best of you…

tumblr_nxrk1kyxu01r8igzvo1_500So how do you love? Just let it exist freely with you on your journey and watch the unimaginable manifestations that effortlessly come along with it expand before your eyes…


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