The #1 Key to Success.


Now, after reading the title of this post…you may have instantly thought “Oh great, another exaggeration of how happiness is the key to everything as if it’s really that easy to be happy in a world full of self-serving demons”. However, I’m here to tell you that sure, it’s not easy to be happy all the time, but do you know how you can achieve  such a success attracting mindset? BE DISCIPLINED. 

Generally speaking, everything you’ve ever done in your life required some form of discipline. From learning how to walk, to graduating, etc. The only way that was achieved was through your determination to continue to do what it takes to make it happen.

If your little 2 year old brain (or however old you were when you realized crawling can only get you so far and it’s time you start acting like an upright human being) can have enough discipline to do such a strength based task, involving extreme amounts of coordination even into adulthood for some…what’s stopping you now?

tumblr_n6nvocsgbw1qizhaoo1_500Yeah, the saying goes, “Happiness is the key to success”, but honestly, you cant just tell someone to be happy and BOOM!… life is suddenly heaven on earth. In order to allow that happiness to flow within in abundance, you have to discipline your mind to filter out the negativity. There’s two sides to every story, even your life story, love story, success, ANY story… Don’t get so wrapped up in preparing for the lessons that you don’t recognize the blessings… because then you’re just choosing to be unhappy…but that’s another topic.

tumblr_ne6gw4rbb21tp9egeo1_500Back to the subject at hand, once you become disciplined, your life will unfold accordingly. Sure it’s fun to procrastinate, because whats a life filled with all work and no play? but if you’re just not getting things done at all…ever…you’re not procrastinating anymore, sweet child, because even procrastinators get sh*t done, they just need, on average, an extra week to a month to do so. but when you completely lack discipline…where’s the progress? Oh yeah, there is none. So if you ever find yourself not progressing at a pace you’d like or at all for that matter…make sure you’re disciplining yourself. Stop being lazy and make a list (mentally or physically) of the steps you need to take for the day to create the future you desire.

tumblr_n9zpf6qrw31tihgp5o1_500Revert back to that child-like mind that did everything in their power to stand up and walk through life, proving that anything is possible even to the brain with virtually no life experience whatsoever, and clearly believe in yourself and capabilities.

Don’t let your purpose go to waste (and yes, you DO exist for a reason), be disciplined enough to find that purpose, own it, perfect it…that’s the only way the doors to your life’s success will open.




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