Fight food neophobia.

Dating back to the beginning of animal history, taste aversions have been a way to protect us from foods that could be harmful to us. Yeah, so that means there was a guy who had to suffer the agony of eating something that most likely made him vomit for three days in order to realize, that certain thing can make him, and probably most of the other people in his tribe, vomit for three days.

Sure, there are certain things we just shouldn’t eat for whatever reasons…but having a taste aversion and just not eating a food because it’s not what you’re used to are two completely different things. I’m no parent, but I can kinda sorta attest that allowing your child to only drink soda because “they just don’t like water” is NOT. OKAY!

Chances are, the kid has food neophobia. They simply don’t like trying new foods. It’s nice and all to be cautious, but c’mon…who can really survive, in good health, without drinking water? You got it, a very small, non-existent, amount of people. So what’s there to do when little Ricardo is kicking and screaming and throwing the brussel sprouts across the room like hand grenades? Think of ways to associate different nutritional foods with good things! Naturally, most kids aren’t going to pick up a celery stick over a surgery lollipop, because we all naturally prefer sweetness. However, allowing them to pick the lollipop every time, is only going to make them dislike the taste of the celery even more because lets be real, lollipop’s do taste a helluva lot better than celery initially, but lollipops don’t provide vitamin K. Actually… lollipops don’t really provide anything beneficial to us in any way shape or form.

Basically, combine that celery stick with peanut butter (if they’re not allergic!) or some other spread that can mix well with it’s taste and overtime you’ll see them actually requesting these nutritious snacks you’ve come up with over the slice of cake, especially if you combine it with water, to lesson the chances them begging for chips instead to go along with the Sprite you’ve given to wash it all down. It may take some time, depending on how long you’re allowed this to anti-good for you food protest to go on, but if you love your child and value their long term health over their short term taste bud satisfaction…it’s well worth the sad faces you’ll see in the process.

tumblr_niyrup9iw31qfrhqho1_500Not saying that kids are natural born manipulators or anything,
but if they keep seeing you falling for the puppy dog eyes to get what they want…the puppy dog eyes will only get bigger and cuter and even harder to resist and you’re back to square 1! Stay strong…even if you’re the one giving yourself such a look!

Prolonged food neophobia’s can turn into selective food disorders well into adult hood. With a lack of nutrition and the sole consumption of artificial BS, things can get deadly (as seen and explained in the video two paragraphs ago).

You don’t necessarily have to up and completely turn yourself and the people close to you into health freaks that never eat burgers and fries (though this isn’t a bad thing whatsoever), just incorporate and even try to replace certain beneficial foods into the daily diet, ya know…taking baby steps to loving your well-being. The results over time will make you question how you ever survived any other way…literally.


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