Rehab: The Love Drug.

Most of us, many doing so unaware, live our lives looking for love. Now, nothing’s wrong with that generally speaking… however, specifically…is another story. When you place too much value on a particular outlet of expression and emotional sensation, you begin to dismiss it elsewhere.

The feeling of love is not something we can create, find or even proficiently explain. It kind of just pops up within us like the natural drug we were destined to become addicted to! But the only rehab we have to find the sanity lost when silently (or verbally) yearning for it is within us.

tumblr_nxlybq6ZIN1tuaz2oo1_250.gifDo you have trust issues? (Of course you do, or at some point have dealt with such an atrocity and if you disagree, that’s just you not trusting my accuracy and you should probably do some serious self-intervention to extinguish your blatant denial.) Trust issues are born when the object in which we were focused on receiving love from ceases to provide the love we expected to receive. So what do we do? Hopefully not commit suicide, but eventually move on with our lives. Since relationships end up in the “top 10 reasons for a guarded heart” charts of the universe, I’ll use that as an example. When we begin to love someone, and I’m talking really love someone, the love we receive from them essentially takes priority, almost to a point where unless that love is felt, we’re numb to any other forms. Similar to that of a drug, you want more and more and more and unless something else can give you that exact feeling, it’s deemed as a placebo and you ache until you get the “real” thing again! Okay, that might be a little extreme, but lets be real here…our ability to feel emotions in the first place is a little extreme.

tumblr_n5g3gmgjde1smixeco1_500Now you’re probably wondering…how does one stop loving in order to break this mind altering addiction? The answer is…you don’t. Seriously… if you actually stopped loving, imagine how miserable you’d be. Love is the very reason the world survives. It’s essential, even more so than food consumption! (I’m sure you breatharians can back up this claim). Basically, don’t focus on breaking the addiction or even replacing the object that awakened it. Simply LOVE rather than seeking it. Once you’ve done this, you’ll start feeling the benefits that love was meant to bring you, and less of the “stress” that could so easily be associated with it when too much thought is put into it.

When you simply love, you’ll only attract and recognize the love that’s coming back to you. Anything else will become but a blur in the peripheral.




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