Die to come alive.

It’s in the moments, that you feel as if your heart has stopped but you’re still aware of life and the cause itself of such a feeling. You feel like you’re dying…no matter what you do, you cant stop crying. Life is a constant battle between remaining the same and giving it your all…how do you remain sane, when before you rise…you have to fall? tumblr_nt9ard1Aq31uwpcwjo1_500.jpg

Pain is what molds us. Not the thing that caused the pain…screw that…nor is it the feeling you get from it either. It’s what you do when once your eyes have dried. Do you continue to sulk in your misery and agony…answering every question in your head with yet another question that makes you question that question? Or do you just stop.

(Hint: You should just stop)

Once you’ve stopped,  this is actually your death. Yup…taking “I died a little inside” to a whole ‘nother level! Pain is what kills us 100% of the time and is the cause of all forms of death. Be it heartbreak or your heart literally losing its ability to beat…something had to have happened that certainly didn’t come from pleasure! But is death really all that bad? Death and dying have been given this bad rep for years for 2 main reasons:

  1. Fear of the unknown.
  2. Fear of change.

tumblr_o7wh0lm1cd1tkjkgfo1_400Fear itself is the origin of pain, but fear is also necessary for survival. You need to have a certain level of fear to remain alive! Just look at the visual cliff experiment. It’s innately within us to have fear…However, too much fear can yield your life, leaving you helpless and dying from starvation due to the lack of growth mentally consumed. When you’re in pain…feel it, it’s natural. Emotions aren’t meant to be ignored, for they all hold a purpose to an extent. Overcome the unnecessary fears of the unknown and change in order to experience the unimaginable and see a difference in your life. When it’s all said and done, sh*t happens in life. Lay the you that once was consumed with the pain due to the power of fear to rest and allow the you that knows the incompatible power of love to flourish into existence!


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