Internal balance = External understanding.

Life will take you through many ups and downs. How does ANYONE deal with it? After all, there’s no class in school that teaches us how to not let bull feces get to us. Truthfully, there  is not even one person in world who can look us square in the eyes and tell us what to do to fully prepare for such hurdles. BUT! Oh, there’s always a big “but” somewhere to really catch our attention… there are actually  ways you can not only prepare for the battles to come but also grow from the one’s that have already left their marks! Listen to the teachings of your SOUL.

Yeah, yeah, cliche, cliche, right? Sure, the  whole “Look within, and you’ll find” and “We all die alone, so might as well learn how to be”, etc. stuff can seem cheesy (and borderline depressing), but it takes a strength that only a mind shaped by experience can adjust to. We all experience things in life, but if you’re unable to balance the good with the bad…the unexpected will make life itself seem bad, you’ll feel like crap most of your days and well, let’s not even get started on the effects it has on how you perceive the people you encounter on the daily. tumblr_n1c453uktd1t5b57yo1_500

You’re probably wondering…who in their right mind would allow themselves to live such a miserable life all because of a few screwed up events? That’s just the thing… no one in their right mind could allow such a thing…but way too many of us are in our WRONG mind and don’t e’an know it!

tumblr_n5hh74vbmo1sajlgko1_500Sure it’s okay to cry when the love of your life leaves you for the girl next door (knowing good and well you were the women who had the key to the city). Heck, it’s even okay to eat a bucket of ice cream on the floor of your apartment that you’re about to be evicted from. Its okay to FEEL, but in order to get the most out of all the emotions we posses, you have to realize that life isn’t so much about control, but more so about BALANCE. BUT! (there that voluptuous “but” goes again)  the balance starts within. When you are balanced, POOF! you perceive things differently. Does life suddenly become perfect? No, life just keeps being life. It’s what you make it bases on what you perceive that determines the outcomes you come across in the first place.

Okay, enough small talk, I’m going to tell you a few things you can do to get in your right mind:

1. Self-talk.

  • Yes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking to yourself. Heck, have arguments if need be! Do it out loud if you can. This way you’ll avoid overthinking, because when you hear your self saying things over and over and over again, you’ll be more likely to realize that you’re just repeating the same things when you could be thinking of something else. (Overthinking can be considered one of the roots of evil…if done incorrectly.)

2. Meditate. 

  • Meditation is kind of the opposite of self-talk because you actually shouldn’t be thinking about anything during this time. I personally feel that it should be done after self -talk to lower the risk of you somehow thinking about that thing you’re trying to cope with. Meditation centers your chakras, which are the 7 spiritual centers of the body. Which is pretty much a major key in achieving internal balance and even self-realization.

3. Get lost in your passions.

  • Do what truly makes you happy. Be it running, drawing, heck, even playing air hockey! (which I’m not quite sure why it isn’t an Olympic sport) Whatever it is that stimulates you & folds your brain…do that! When you get lost in such things, you subconsciously stop letting whatever unfortunate external event control your emotional state for excessive amounts of time and are able to think rationally and stop freaking out over something that was most likely meant to give you strength.

tumblr_ocskh2p2bl1tchk4fo1_5004. Take a bath.

  • When it’s all said and done… there is absolutely nothing life immersing your body in water. Water itself hold power…why do you think we’re made up of so much? Bathes not only relax the muscles in your body, but they also can relax your mind. Your mind is what caused all this chaos that’s disturbing your peace to begin with. Add some essential oils and fragrances like sage, lotus, lavender, etc. Light some candles and just reflect. When you reflect during your bath, you’ll find yourself not going CUH-RAZY  with sadness, anger, confusion, or whatever…you’ll be more likely to put things into proper perspectives and begin to develop a plausible plan as to how you should go about dealing with whatever it is you’re dealing with.

You weren’t put on this earth to suffer…I mean c’mon. Yeah bad things happen and people suck sometimes and you’ll make bad choices but even the earth itself cant stay down in the dumps forever…the sun will always rise at some point. Just find ways to develop the patience within yourself and for yourself…and you’ll start seeing life’s hidden messages instead of thinking it’s all one big conspiracy against lil ol’ you.

You got this… Your past created the present…but it’s how you handle the present that controls what’s to come in the future.



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