Feel like every time things are going good, there has to be a catch?  Like things are bound to change the second you get too comfortable experiencing such emotional pleasures? Well then, you probably have Cherophobia…in other words, you fear happiness.

tumblr_mqr6uifrxh1sz0f3ko1_500How does one fear something so desirable? Simple. The things we most desire tend to be the very things that will hurt us when it’s gone. The fear is created through this desire in such away that leaves us feeling the complete opposite of happy. Which is way it’s crucial we all try to get to a point where out happiness isn’t solely linked to people and things. As we all know, usually the absence of happiness is replaced with sadness. Sadness, especially right after a long period of a life filled with daises and lilies, can cause an adrenaline rush. When you constantly seek reasons to be happy, as opposed to, just being happy for no reason…you’ll yearn for the feeling that dopamine and serotonin provides but will only end up sinking further from happiness all together.08 Birthday Card - Live In the Present.jpg

So, how do you beat Cherophobia? LIVE IN THE PRESENT. Get rid of the “what could happen” and “what happened before” ideas. The more you hold on to such thoughts, the more you’ll end up finding something that most likely isn’t even a big deal and wah-lah!…there goes your happiness and you’re now freaking out and life sucks and it’s “poor you” again. STOP. When you’re happy for reasons you cant even explain, embrace those feelings. Stop believing that you need to brace yourself for negative events that may not ever happen. Sure, life is a balance of victory and triumph, so without the things that leave us feeling down, we’d never appreciate the highs. However, how you respond to any experience in your life is a reflection of where you’ve placed your focus. Keep it in the now and you’ll find yourself not only having prolonged happiness but also improving your ability to bounce back to it.


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