Oh, those early mornings of waking up and going to a job that you have to pep-talk yourself into just to slightly decrease the chances of you finally driving yourself off that bridge in which you’ve weighed the pro’s and con’s of many times before… tumblr_mv8cuky87t1qib2lio1_500


If you find yourself in this scenario at least 1-2 times a week…you probably should consider self-management. Actually you need to before you waste your life away, which is basically suicide in itself. Sure, no one really “likes” their job…because lets face it…having to step foot out of your comfy bed to go to a place where a boss acts as your master all day because of a title that went to their head isn’t as nearly as desirable as steeping foot out of your comfy bed to go to Punta Cana!

head-in-sandIf you aren’t a part of the aliens of the earth who actually love their 9 to 5…(and there’s nothing wrong with you aliens, as long as helping out with someone else’s dream, that you’re also passionate about, doesn’t decrease the value you see in your life or in other words…make you hate a day just because it was named “Mon”) then invest in your own passions and CREATE your main source of income. Manage yourself in such a way that you invest in and expand on what it is that makes you happy. Attempt to make your dream a reality and you’ll never “work” a day in your life but lo and behold…you’ll still be making a damn good living both materially and mentally. Become your own manager…make sure you remain focused on the goal of your gifts…life is too short to do anything that takes away from your ability to smile. Don’t become content with making ends met and living from paycheck to paycheck and dulling your innate shine for the love of money that’s stuck in your comfort zone. Step up and soon you’ll be able to promote yourself to the next position in the corporate ladder of your purpose. Allow God to the CEO of your own little business and things will unfold in ways beyond your expectations, with patience and persistence.

books-for-budding-entrepreneurs-featureDon’t waste your days complaining about a job that obviously isn’t meant for you. This only negatively alters your fate. Take on the leadership role and supervise your mind to ensure that it hones in on the idea that you CAN. Get the idea of “I just want a good paying job” out of your head. Sure, you cant just wake up one day, decide you want to put actions behind you goals and expect to start reaching them before sunset, but that’s the only way to begin. Set aside time to give yourself even after those long days/nights of stress. Anything that isn’t making life that much more worth living…is hurting you, aging you and even killing you.


Don’t be afraid to take the initiative in assisting yourself in such a way that you remain on the path of not only loving your life, but also creating a new business that the world needs and creating jobs for people that also respect your craft and want to help in expanding your vision. Don’t settle for a life that simply pays the bills…do what you need to do to manifest your destiny. You may not be able to “fire” yourself…but each day you wake up feeling like you aren’t where you belong, should add fuel to your fire…not burn you into the ground.





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