Standards: Love and lust.

Oh, relationships, love and romance…where hast thou gone? Maybe I’m just one of the unlucky thousands who cant seem to raise their vibrations high enough to attract such luxuries, but give me a break…I’m working on it! However, for now…allow me to be the bitter cat lady (who happens to be allergic) and discuss what seems to be an increase in “situationships”. tumblr_ntyiyb6z4b1tqpmd8o1_500

Situationships (coming soon to Webster) may not seem to be a problem to those who enjoy the thrill of the chase and/or like to keep others on a string for their own convenience. But what happens when your legs start burning from all the tug-o-war tournaments and marathons ran emotionally and all you want to do is stop and relax next to someone without feeling like you’re asking for too much? Review your standards!

We usually lower our standards to quench the insatiable thirst our bodies crave when we meet someone we feel may be the waterhole we’ve been searching for in our desert of skin covered nerve endings. However, it’s only a m i r a g e!

                             REVIEW. YOUR. STANDARDS

Don’t settle for a person that seems to be good, but doesn’t give you what you bargained for in the long run. Sure, every love story’s platform is a battlefield at some point. But your standards have a direct correlation with what you feel you’re worth and will continue to endure. When you lower your standards, you also end up leading the person you’re lowering them for to believe you’re only worth what you’ve been accepting. Which basically makes the hole even deeper for you.tumblr_mykyqxvuuz1svu7e2o1_500.jpg

No matter what you feel right now, be it hurt or in love, if you feel like you’re not getting at least as much as you’ve been putting in… how you feel is most likely a side effect of lust. Sure, there’s the whole “I love you so much, I’ll be a fool for you” thing that people often confuse with “unconditional love” but even fools step back and reevaluate their priorities here and there. Sheesh! Know when to let go enough to really give love a chance to present itself in due time if it’s present.

Side note: Lust can actually become love over time…so tread lightly in your quest for affection. This is where the importance of knowing where you stand can prevent heartache. It takes two to love, if you end up being the only one…well…dopamine starts squirting out of your ears and you’re screwed.

If the bad outweighs the good in any relationship or opportunity in your life, but you still find yourself lost in translation over and over again…be strong and accepting of yourself enough to take a step back and reevaluate your priorities, because 9 times out of 10…you’ve neglected YOU. When you stand humbly on your own pedestal, your standards naturally guide you and be it lust or love…you’ll be headed in the right direction. Because when you know what’s best for you, you’ll start noticing what isn’t and attracting what is.




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