Pain is to love.

What makes us feel pain?

Of course you have the sensory receptor, nerve fiber mumbo jumbo, but feeling something can go much deeper than physical touch.

When you find out someone close to you has passed way, be it a friend or family member or just some one you love in general. What is it that makes us feel a pain that seems to run deeper than a 3rd degree burn?

Answer: The absence of love.

Yes, love. Without love, the ability to experience such a gruesomely beautiful sensation within our souls would not exist. When we feel this pain, we often feel it because we miss the love we felt in association with the object at hand. The one thing that people tend to say when questioning the existence of a God is, “If there was a God, why would he allow pain and suffering?” Conclusion: Because God is love and wants to be appreciated! When undesirable things happen, the desired feeling of love is actually at its peak. We feel it so much all at once, and after this instantaneous climax that only lasts about .2 seconds, we crash. The crash is what hurts because we feel that love is gone and this idea creates stress and anxiety due to the lowered levels of dopamine and oxytocin in the brain, which ultimately tells the body that pain (even physical) is being felt.

tumblr_nhxknjr7zg1tkynuio1_500Basically, love is like a drug and without it…well, we simply just want more of it. When we love something, we give it the power to control every other emotion we feel. When things are going good with something/one you love, you’re happy. When its bad, you’re sad, mad, numb, psychotic, you name it! It takes all those different things in conjunction with unfortunate events to really appreciate how much force the good plays on your life and should be welcomed.


Pain brings people together just as much as love…while love is the thing that can even keep us alive after death. Try not to sulk for too long during your pain induced crash…that’s when you risk losing love and feeling nothing. Let the pain guide you to even more love and insight. Find the God/love that’s in you to further understand the reasoning behind the madness you face in life.




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