Mind verses Gut.

One of the most important things you’ll ever learn in your life filled with endless important things to be learned is how to differentiate your mind from your gut.


Think about it, our brains don’t have lungs like our gut does, yet it’s the very thing that controls our breathing. Following your gut, heart, intuition, or whatever you prefer to call it, is not as simple as deciding between what’s best for and whats not. Although, it should be. Then again, sometimes whats best for us…isn’t exactly what we bargained for. So what happens? We think. Our conscious minds are powerful entities that usually side with what we want to believe to be reality…while our subconscious and even unconscious minds are what actually directs our livestumblr_n23h2frme91sw0e4co1_500

So, how do you determine if you’re following your gut or simply overthinking yourself into another bad decision? Measure how often you’ve thought about the situation… Usually, when you follow your gut, there is minimal thought required, for it’s more of a feeling. You know your mind is getting in the way of your intuition when you literally spend more time thinking about why you should do something instead of actually doing what needs to be done…regardless of popular belief, we always know what we need to do, but if need doesn’t match want…ta-dah! Sh*t hits the fan.


Sure, you should let your brain tag along while following your heart. However, when doing so, you should spend less time convincing yourself of something and more time realizing and accepting. It’s easier said than done, but once it’s done…your life will be altered drastically. Our subconscious minds know things before we’re consciously aware of them. Don’t allow the need to “make sense” of it all cause you to end us losing all your senses. Embrace the feeling.







  1. The last time I didn’t listen to my gut, I ended up making a bad decision. A friend told me that I tend to overthink. That was before I became mature enough to realise that everyone has an agenda when dispensing “wisdom.”

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    1. Overthinking is definitely a sure way to confuse yourself. Life isn’t as complex as we tend to make it. The signs we need to stay on the path with less heartache and struggle are always presented to us. Overthinking even makes us think we’re overthinking what we feel. Smh lol but could you elaborate on what you mean by “agenda”?

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      1. Agenda was perhaps a strong word but I couldn’t think of anything more subtle while I was writing the comment. In the context of my story most people give advice based on their biases, experience and values. In other words, what people find most appropriate for you is what is usually what is appropriate for themselves.


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