The Power of Action

On many occasions, I’ve heard people over emphasize the phrase “Say what you mean, mean what you say“. Of course, speaking in such a way that others know that your words hold honesty and value is important. You instantly earn respect that way, I mean c’mon! However, unless the things we do correlate with these meaningful words we personally believe to be speaking, they actually mean nothing… no matter how much we “meant” them. You can have dreams of becoming the next Beyonce and speak on all the plans you claim to have to do just that, but no matter how much you wholeheartedly mean everything you say about this master plan, until you take action… it’s all pointless hogwash. Don’t just dream, chase (v.) the dreams.

As typical and even cliche as this will sound, it’s true. Brace yourself… actions speak volumes on volumes on VOLUMES louder than words! Now, I know by now it may seem like I have some sort of vendetta against “words”, but nope. I suh-way-er! I’m not insane, I believe that words are quite powerful themselves.

Just to mix in some stereotypical goodness (cause stereotypes are always fun, right? ), many people allow words to do as much as convince them that they are loved, when they actually may not be. Yes, loved. The most intense of all emotions in every species can be felt by these distinct combinations of letters that we call words! Seriously… sometimes if a guy were to simply tell a woman that she’s the most beautiful arrangement of constellations he has ever laid eyes on and that he wants to take her and only her any and everywhere for the rest of their lives, just to show the entire world that he is the lucky man who is fortunate enough to be graced by her presence on a regular basis… she very well may fall in freakin’ love. All the while, the most he’s taken her is to the local carnival two days after her birthday to make up for being so “busy” to even wish her a “happy birthday” on the day of!

I’m not saying that only women take words more seriously than they should be, but in such a situation, a simple glance at actions would have at least yielded the upcoming disappointment and provided some overlooked insight.

Actions all too often get ignored due to the fact that we naturally react faster to auditory stimuli (words) than we do to visual stimuli (actions).

Click here to see why.

So, none of us, regardless of gender can really help the fact that we are swayed more by words initially and only consider actions as a better means of perception once the words have failed us and we develop a hindsight bias that makes us feel like buffoons for even counting on these “meaningful” words in the first place. Thus, the development of “trust issues”, which is nothing more than the power that words have to even negatively affect human interactions and relationships in the long run. Actions, on the contrary, could never do this. A person simply does something or they do not, whether it’s meant to be done or not. Simple, right?

Basically, just as words should never be completely ignored, they should also never be anyone’s holy grail. Pay more attention to actions and you’ll see your life in general become less confusing and even create a more meaningful life for yourself, leaving you saying “I’ve come so far…” instead of, “where did the time go, I still have so much stuff to do!” or something like that.

Train your brain. Allow the power of action to become apparent on a daily basis and ultimately you’ll become a wiser, happier and even more successful person.

Now go on, I wont believe that you took this advice even if you tracked my location and said it to my face! Just do it (Nike, Inc… feel free to endorse me).




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