Have No Fear.

tumblr_oa0gxpXXGv1sq95wpo1_500With all of the horrific things that seem to be in the limelight as of late around the world, it can seem almost impossible not to fear simply going to Wal-mart without losing your life along with your paycheck! Well let me tell you, lose the fear and know your strength. Fear has the ability to bring out so many different emotions in us, most of which are negative, don’t let what can be meant to improve you end up destroying your peace of mind and you in general, from the inside, out…

Focusing specifically on an issue involving domestic terrorism in the U.S (ie. the killing of unarmed black men because apparently moving their hand to scratch their nose is more of a threat than shooting a church full of people or planting bombs to blow up hundreds running a marathon, but I digress.) It is no secret that not all cops are “bad”, and quite frankly, it shouldn’t be a secret that not all people of color are either… However, it seems like this country has played the old game of Telephone and that message kind of got distorted when it got into the ears of the law.

No one should have to fear for their life when simply getting pulled over for a traffic violation. No one should have to fear for their life while out trying to make ends meet for himself and his family. No one should have to fear for their life by simply walking down the street. No one should have to fear for their life just because they “look like they fit the criminals description”…and most importantly no one should have ever have to fear for their life due to the color of their skin.

FullSizeRender (20)Injustices occur all across the globe to all kinds of people, everyday! However, the rates in which black lives are being effortlessly as well as pointlessly taken away still today, 2016, the 21st century, where knowledge is literally available at our fingertips, is heartbreaking. It is also highly unjust that the acts of innocent people being murdered in the hands of some of our very own law enforcement are being visually recorded and the debate continues to arise on whether or not the victim “deserved” it or not…not only that, the people who recorded the scene in the first place are facing jail time themselves! Hmm…I smell tuna.

Now, if you even have an inkling of concern for the betterment of this country or just humanity in general, you’re probably wondering:

Who’s next?


tumblr_n5pvh9qs8N1s35emgo1_500That seems to be a question a lot of people have resorted to asking due to the fact that an outrageous number of people continue to have their lives taken from them prematurely and virtually randomly (we’re talking women and children included here people), by some of the very individuals that we are taught to call when actual criminals are threatening to take our lives….BUT, I beg of you…do NOT, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER, ask this question!

When you wonder who’s next, you’re pretty much assuming that there WILL be a next time. Granted, injustice will most likely occur again at some point in your lifetime, but don’t contribute to speaking such tragedies into existence… Don’t fear for black men just because they are #1 on the list of “Most likely to commit the crime of having to much damn melanin”…because when you have fear for anything, you’re giving in…you’re losing faith. Kind of like the law of attraction…if you worry about something enough, life has a way of giving you that or something equivalent to worry about, because that’s what you’re attracting to your field of perception. When you have faith, when you know your power, potential and strength, genuinely and humbly, things that magnify such qualities within you and who you’re expected by society to fear for, begin to happen.

This is not a time for us to live in fear or even to have anger in our hearts due to the things intending to drive such fear, it is a time to take the pain, the hurt, the tears, the blood and use it to bring us together in such a way that our aura alone demands the equality and respect we so much want to receive and have always deserved.


After all, the only way to change anything, is to improve yourself. You’ll not only begin to naturally inspire others to do so as well, at times without even having to say a word, but you’ll also begin to see a difference over time.

Yes, black lives matter…but it should be more than a hashtag, it should be a state of mind that brings knowledge, confidence and an energy that simply can’t be ignored.

“Perception = Enlightenment”



How you view things is how you’re painting reality. Have no fear…live with the knowledge that positive change will come, and eventually it will appear.




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