Invisible Blood.

Disclaimer: I wrote this approx. 2 years ago for a similar case to that of the recent shooting of unarmed, Alton Sterling. However, the overall message still remains. “United we stand, divided we fall”. Just thought I’d re-share my views…

There’s always been two things that I absolutely love to hate talking to people about and they are politics and religion. They both come with so many different opinions and it can be difficult at times to just “let it go”. As stressful as it can get, it still feels nice to be able to let others know your views on things and show that you have a voice in which you aren’t ashamed of. Plus, you can even assimilate the opposite opinions you hear from others and combine them with your own ideas (…this takes a lot of practice and pride swallowing!)
However, with the welcoming of two new taboo topics, these actually aren’t so bad anymore.

Prejudices & murder are they.


I never really thought these subjects would be such a big deal in today’s society. Although, not as bad as I’m sure they were during the civil rights movement and other similar happenings, they’re still quite the issue. With the events that have been going on lately, it’s easier than not to get into disputes about this, be it through social media or dare I say…face-to-face.

Okay…I’m just going to jump right in and say it… I believe that on August 9th 2014, teenager Mike Brown, may have been wrongfully murdered in the hands of police officer, Darren Wilson, in Ferguson, MO.

Now before you brutally attack me in your head, I have a few words to back up my beliefs. Although none of us were there when the crime happened, we do know for a fact that Michael brown was shot at least 6 times by Darren Wilson. Darren’s pics showing the injuries, or the lack of, caused by Mike have been released as well. Some may say Darren was simply doing his job and some will even shout that Mike shouldn’t have asked for it! But, whether Mike came at Darren or not, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t take multiple bullets to take any man down. As a police officer, the mission is to arrest anyone causing harm to the people of the city, I get that…but killing a young man simply because he was “coming at you” is a bit unjustifiable.
Cops have access to hand-cuffs, a baton, not to mention a taser, and I’m sure Darren, if trained properly, knew how to apply the appropriate amount of force in order to complete the arrest if foul play was in fact being done by Mike. Instead, he decided to repeatedly shoot him. Oh, did I mention Mike was unarmed? Yeah… no gun, no knife, no baseball bat, no nothing. If Darren just felt he needed to use a gun to feel powerful, one shot in the leg would have been enough to get him down and even buy some time to call back-up since “the hulk” was obviously the victim we’re referring to.

As for the “race” issue, I would hate to say this was a black vs. white thing because Mike Brown could have easily been white or even Darren, black. In contrast, I will say that the KKK gatherings in support of Darren after the fact is what may have gotten many people to thinking skin color could have possibly been an underlying factor that provoked Darren. Other cases such as the Colorado movie theater shooting done by James Holmes, that resulted in 12 people being killed and 70 leaving injured, only resulting in the killer being apprehended may have caused discrimination assumptions as well. If you ask me, if anyone deserved to be shot multiple times, it’d be James…one bullet for each and every innocent life he took that night.

Anywho… another thing I’ve been hearing is people claiming that “no one cares when a black man kills another black man, but when a white man kills one it causes a riot!” Yes, black people kill black people just like white people kill white people and asian people kill asian people, etc… but does that make its importance less valuable? Absolutely not. Most of the time when a “black on black” crime happens, the offender is automatically imprisoned because there usually isn’t much to consider, besides the clear fact that an innocent individual has been killed, and the same goes for murders within other ethnicities as well. It just happens to be that the events placed in the lime-light are made up of two different groups of people. That doesn’t mean no one cares about the crimes happening on a daily basis, it just means that no one knows about them and that when a police officer kills an unarmed person, more, as well as, deeper questions arise. Not because it only sucks when a black man dies if it’s done by the hands of a white man. It sucks when any person dies, especially when they could have easily been given the chance to live.

  • As far as putting our trust into the justice system, if a man can suffer in jail for years after being falsely accused of rape, what makes us think for one second that just because a verdict concludes one thing it’s totally accurate and that we should all stop debating upon the issue especially in this case, when the people who make up the country it’s affecting clearly see it an injustice? *I’ll wait…*

The media loves to entertain us, (or they just love to get money from our viewings) and the sad truth is that it’s more entertaining to hear about a cop killing an unarmed teen than it would be to hear about a man killing another man because he was his wife’s lover…(okay, that actually sounds pretty attention grabbing. At least for a Lifetime movie theme, but I digress.)

  • Seeing how the not so peaceful portions of the protests are being publicized really gets to me. Sure, there are people whom are sadly using them as a way to violently riot and steal, but there are also ones who are actually being peaceful and simply trying to open the eyes of those unable to see the same problem that they do. Going back to “race” (for just 2 seconds, I swear!), claiming that black people are the only ones who start these protests and riots is probably the most stereotypical thing I’ve heard since “girls can’t drive stick shifts”.

Here’s an example of why discrimination is underhandedly still being promoted in America.

The riots on the right, although just as “scene-making”, are hardly remembered because they were well…hardly talked about! A couple of reasons for the pictures on the right include, the loss of a hockey game and the letting go of an, obviously, very much respected football coach.
The labeling of an issue/action from the media makes all the difference on how society views it. If one riot is introduced in breaking news as heinous, most, if not all others, should be as well.

In all, I could go on and on about the issue because it’s just one of those things that if you weren’t there, you can’t truly say what you think is factual and why. The blood on Darren Wilsons hands, whether you think he had the right to have shot Mike so many times or not, will always be there.
God, according to my spiritual beliefs of a higher being, is the only one who can truly determine the wrongfulness of the situation. Let’s just hope that situations like this can yield in the future and that we all personally never have to experience something like it ourselves.
I can only imagine the pain and sleepless nights that the families of both ends of the stick are dealing with. As cheesy as it sounds, we’re all human, we all make mistakes and we all feel. It’s up to you to decide if you want to heal yourself with the quality of love for another or let the burden of having hate in your heart eat you alive…


United we stand. Divided we fall.

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