Random Rambles

Imitation of Love.

Ever been so in love… with love?
No, seriously.
It’s actually humanly possible to be in love with something so inanimate, something so illusion-y (not a word, blah blah) I mean, think about it. Some of us were born with the curse of abnormally longing to love because that feeling simply fuels us, in a sense, when giving it even if that means we’re not receiving it as much as we should in return.
You’re probably thinking, “Well, weren’t all animals created with the urge to procreate and stuff?” Technically yeah… but the desire to mate is not at all the same thing as the desire to love. Like, at all. But I digress…
People who are in love with love, often find themselves being sucked in by an imitation of love. The imitation of love could be defined as, love without its work boots on (The House Bunny pun) meaning that all the voluntary work that goes into love just isn’t as abundant between both parties. A person who has been tricked by the imitation of love might find themselves falling for predicted potential in a person as opposed to who the person is in reality. Sure, being there for someone and helping them grow into the best person they can be and you both developing into great people together and building an empire as a result is ideal, but there is a thin line between being a support system and flat out being legally blind to the BS you’re dealing with!
Not going to lie, when I first thought about “being in love with love” and the whole concept of the imitation of love, I couldn’t help but wonder, isn’t this just a nicer way of saying “YOU’RE DESPERATE” but then I decided to keep thinking and realized, “Nahhh…
Being desperate means you’re going along with someone even though you know you don’t like them or anything they stand for despite getting to know them just to have someone, anyone, around! On the contrary, being a person with the horrible, horrible (but curable!) disease of being in love with love will put up with someone because they actually end up falling for them as a person and what they have to offer, but unfortunately keep painting rainbows and daffodils around their heads even when the person isn’t treating them the way they deserve to be in actuality.
Okay there’s a very fine, microscopic, line between the two… but a line nonetheless.
Basically, if someone isn’t making you feel high on ‘shrooms (…not that I personally know that sensation, just seemed like an appropriate comparison based on what I’ve HEARD…) then you gotta be able to cut that weird umbilical cord that is so often mentally created when we think we’ve found a potential “one”, when really that love we thought was there was fake, an imitation! So once you’ve cut it, don’t look back and think “…what if they change, like tomorrow, and is everything I’ve dreamed of after all just like I predicted!?” because the chances of that ever being the case is equivalent to a lady bug eventually growing milk producing nipples. So yeah… the fact that you even had to come to the conclusion of parting ways, is a strong indicator in lot of cases that this wasn’t “it”.
– Side note: Real love always has a a way of finding it’s way to us, even when that means finding it’s way back to us … just don’t waste your life away waiting on it and missing out on what fate has in store for you.
So, whether you’re desperate or in love with love (again, there IS a difference) …stop. Live your life. Be in love with yourself before anything… yes, even before love itself! When you love yourself, you won’t have to worry about finding love elsewhere. In time it’ll find you and the psychedelic experiences that it’ll bring (like, ‘shrooms, I’m assuming) will, naturally, flourish… *insert sparks*

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