The Power of Intuition: Energy & Vibes.

It is in the moments that we feel like something is “off” that our intuition is desperately trying to speak to us. Many people often disregard this feeling and assume they’re simply being irrational or that they’re just overthinking for the fifty-zillionth time. Well, 99.8 times out of 99, when you look back (after you’ve regrettably continued onto the path of undesirable outcomes) you want to slap yourself as you think back in dismay,”I KNEW IT!“. tumblr_o993o9zjNC1upjiw1o1_500

Your intuition is actually your mind (or gut…as in “gut feeling”) letting you know when something about an idea, situation and even person is toxic for you in a sense. Now you’re probably thinking, “Screw my intuition, I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life”, however your intuition isn’t only there to make life seem bad in a “trust no man” kind of way, it’s there to guide you, and one important aspect of life just so happens to require us to take the good with the bad and visa versa. (After all, one would not exist without the other, but that’s another topic). The benefits of listening to your intuition come…well…once you’ve listened to it! There’s nothing quite like saying “I was going to go to the zoo, but something told me I shouldn’t and thank God I didn’t because the kangaroos all escaped from their cages and drop kicked everyone like Bruce Lee!!” …Basically, that “something” was your intuition.

tumblr_n5bbwlhdG01sthjo3o1_500Intuition and energy go hand in hand in relation to vibes, which…pretty much means intuition and energy… Anywho, if something repeatedly (emphasis on “repeatedly” for those who can’t seem to tell the difference between overthinking and their intuitive feelings) seems out of balance or even draining if you’ve stuck around long enough when you’re around certain people or things in general, there may be some bad vibes there and your intuition is trying to let you know that it may be wise to step back and weigh things out unbiasedly (if that’s a word) to determine if this is something you should *really* continue to consider for yourself.

What is natural for you, doesn’t need to be forced.

If it’s not truly bringing you happiness and even taking away from it as a whole…take heed to the vibes… Being around negative energy for too long will only cause you to absorb it and eventually give it off as well. Now everything is thrown off! I’m not saying to hate people and try to warn others of those who give off sketchy vibes, because a bad vibration for you may be on the exact frequency as another. Just listen to you…(or like a wise man once said…”Mind ya business“). Never continue to do things that don’t feel “right” due to routine or the fear of making the wrong choice, because naturally, even if your intuition happened to be a result of overthinking, what is supposed to happen in your journey will happen regardless of any detours taken. It’s when you make the mistake of not listening to that feeling that the detour is at risk of ending up more detrimental than needed, even if there was a lesson to be taught essentially.


tumblr_mplhfmA3yN1qbudbro1_500Listening to your intuition and picking up the energies and vibes around you requires a certain amount of self-love. When you love yourself, you know yourself, and with knowing and loving yourself comes the ability to trust yourself. Trusting yourself will make it easier to determine if you should just take a chill pill or if it’s your intuition trying to get you back on your path… After all, energy never lies.



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